Good-bye Boring Beauty Routine

Say hello to your new vanity VIPs, and go-to beauty tools

Your beauty. No one else’s.

We want your beauty routine to feel celebratory, not obligatory. That’s why all our tools are thoughtfully designed not only to function like a dream, but also to look absolutely gorgeous on your vanity, in your bathroom, and on-the-go.  

Decompress And Relax
$47 USD
A Gentle Cleanse
$72 USD
Roll Away Your Worries
Sold Out

Supercharge your beauty routine and step out feeling mighty fine.

No Beauty Mishaps

See every pore clearly

Be Confident

Look good, feel good

Save Money

On expensive lighting systems


On orders over $55


90 day returns


24-month warranty

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"Think you know what you look like? Think again! This mirror will give you a wakeup call to what you *actually* look like. But that’s why I love it so much."

- Jessie, Gala Vanity Mirror

"Honestly you can see EVERYTHING in this mirror. The lighting is so bright I'm slightly worried about how I looked prior to using this mirror!"

- Chloe, Aura Vanity Mirror

"That awkward moment when you look into your Fancii mirror and see a stray hair staring back at you. Crisis averted thanks to Fancii!"

- Leah, Maya Mirror