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Pack of 3 - one of each colour

Elle's satiny fabric and chic little bow make the perfect pick-me-up for any hairstyle. Elle will be your saving grace whether you want to feel cute while pulling your hair back during your beauty routine or need a foolproof way to make day three hair look like #goals. In the words of our favorite legally blonde Elle—"What, like it's hard?"

  • Create beautiful up-dos with a durable, tug-free hold
  • Reduce frizz with the soft, satin fabric 
  • Prevent unnecessary breakage with pain-free removal
  • Add a fashionable touch to any hairstyle 
  • Looks beautiful on all hair types 
  • 100% Satin Polyester
  • Durable Elastic 
  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Comes in 3 Colours (red, pink and purple.)