Hello! We’re Fancii

A beauty tool brand for people who live by their own beauty standards. We are here to be a new voice in the beauty industry that says come as you damn well please—beauty mishaps and all. We don’t believe age needs defying and we haven’t discovered the gene for poreless skin. Our mission is to help people look good and feel amazing, one beauty tool at a time.

How It All Began

We started Fancii because of a shocking realization: Bad Beauty Lighting™ was sabotaging our beauty routines. The precious time we spent priming, contouring, concealing, highlighting, and setting was being ruined because we couldn’t see things as they really were. So we set out to design tools that give us confidence in our beauty routines and look as good as they make us feel. Since launching our cult-favorite mirrors, skincare, and nail care tools, Fancii has grown into a community of individuals who are as diverse as they are beautiful. Although none of us can seem to agree on exactly how many steps a skincare regimen should have, we all hold ourselves to the highest beauty standard—our own.

We’re a bit extra about our beauty tools...

Every single Fancii tool is meticulously tested by our internal team, and sent to our insider community of aestheticians, makeup artists, and beauty influencers for their professional opinion. We are super picky about product design. We kid you not, it took us six months to design the perfect compact mirror. Whenever we develop something new, we look for effectiveness, ease of use, and the super important glam factor, a.k.a. how many times our friends ask us, “Where did you get that?!” And because we trust that our customers are just as picky as we are, we constantly update our designs based on your reviews, and ask for your input on new items and color releases.

Yup, we’re real (and feeling cute!)

But we’ve also had our fair share of beauty mishaps. Our team is made up of women from all over the world who have experienced Bad Beauty Lighting™, breakouts before a big day, disappointing beauty products, and lived to tell about it.



“Yup. It happened to me. I overplucked my eyebrows. Except I didn’t just overpluck them. I did it the day before staff photo day. So badly plucked, one brow was shorter than the other!”



"I adore bright red lipstick. Long-wearing, waterproof lipsticks are typically my favorite—except of course for that one time I went through a whole day with bright red teeth! Now I never go anywhere without a compact mirror."



“At 20, I dreamed of becoming an air stewardess. But on the day of my interview, I forgot to bring foundation and borrowed some from a colleague. I went to the interview looking quite . . . orange, and did not get hired.”



“In 9th grade I thought I could just put some foundation on my lips and apply gloss over that to achieve Kat Moss’s frosted lip look. It wasn’t until I got to school and looked in the bright bathroom mirror that I saw how patchy and dry my lips turned out!”



“Thanks to BBL, I gave a whole new meaning to “ghosted” when I got glammed up for a birthday party. The group photo later revealed that I overdid it with a too light foundation and was in serious need of bronzer.”



"I was in grade 6 when I purchased my first makeup product - Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. I applied it in my Grandmother's apartment bathroom, thinking I was looking "Hilary Duff circa-2003" fly as hell; in fact, when I left the bathroom, she gasped "what happened to your face? Do we need to go to the hospital?""


Jordanian / Moroccan

“I decided to jump on the contour and highlight trend before a night out with the girls. I thought I looked great until I saw a flash photograph of myself. I hadn’t blended well enough and basically ended up looking like a zebra!”


Chinese / Jordanian

"Does anyone also feel that Sephora has the most flattering and yet inaccurate beauty lighting? I have bought at least 10 bottles of foundations that “matched” my skin at the store but made me look like one of the Simpsons in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Sephora, but a lighted compact mirror always saves me at the end of the day!"


Bengali / Canadian

"False lashes were all the rage in the year I went to prom. I had to try them on! Half-way through the night when I decided to touch-up my make-up, I realized I’d been posing for all the pictures with my lashes way off!"



"One time in high school I was experimenting with pink eyeshadow. I thought it looked really fun in my bedroom lighting that was until I got to school and someone asked me what happened to my eyes and told me that they looked infected!"



"The struggle with uneven eyeliner wing for me has been going on as long as I can remember. One wing could be snatched and the other, just a thick mess. I almost blamed it on uneven eyes but apparently it’s nothing a mirror with good lighting and magnification can’t fix."



"I love applying blush on my cheeks and for the longest time, I thought I applied it correctly. Little did I know, my blush application looked like I got punched in the face by a professional boxer."



"In sixth grade, I decided to wear my mom’s liquid foundation to school with nothing else on my face. She is fair skinned compared to me. I laid that stuff on, covered my lips and my eyebrows and was feeling my 100% flawless face. Yes! Everyone’s looking, I look great....then a girl at school said, "Uhm you need a compact, girl."