A beauty tool brand led by women who live by their own beauty standards. We are here to be a new voice in the beauty industry that says come as you damn well please—beauty mishaps and all. We don’t believe age needs defying and we haven’t discovered the gene for poreless skin. Our mission is to help people look good and feel amazing, one beauty tool at a time.


How it all began

We started Fancii because of a shocking realization: Bad Beauty Lighting™ was sabotaging our beauty routines. The precious time we spent priming, contouring, concealing, highlighting, and setting was being ruined because we couldn’t see things as they really were. So we set out to design tools that give us confidence in our beauty routines and look as good as they make us feel.

Since launching our cult-favorite mirrors, skincare, and nail care tools, Fancii has grown into a community of women who are as diverse as they are beautiful. Although none of us can seem to agree on exactly how many steps a skincare regimen should have, we all hold ourselves to the highest beauty standard­—our own. 


We’re a bit extra about our beauty tools

Every single Fancii tool is meticulously tested by our internal team, and sent to our insider community of aestheticians, makeup artists, and beauty influencers for their professional opinion. We are super picky about product design. We kid you not, it took us six months to design the perfect compact mirror. Whenever we develop something new, we look for effectiveness, ease of use, and the super important glam factor, a.k.a. how many times our friends ask us, “Where did you get that?!”

And because we trust that our customers are just as picky as we are, we constantly update our designs based on your reviews, and ask for your input on new items and color releases.



Co-Founder of Fancii

If I had to describe myself with one phrase, it would be ‘always on the go’. I have a very active lifestyle and traveling is my biggest passion. Even though I don’t wear much makeup while I’m exploring or working out, I still want to look good! The biggest problem I used to encounter was bad lighting - how many times the hotel you stayed at had the worst light in the bathroom? Almost every time in my case, I’d say. Believe it or not, once our 4-star hotel room had NO mirrors at all! 



“For me, Mila is not only the best compact mirror, it’s also a piece of statement and one of my favourite accessories - every time I take it out of my purse for a touch-up, people around are wowed by the bright light and fabulous design!”