Why you need an electric exfoliating body brush

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Your relationship with your loofa is about to change...big time. Step out of the 1800’s and into 2018. What are you using to cleanse yourself when in the shower? If your answer is a washcloth, loofah, or any traditional form of cleansing, you’re doing it all wrong. Here’s 5 reasons why you should put down the loofah and upgrade to our  Cora 7 Complete Spa System

#1: It gets the job done, faster

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Our spin brush is cordless and powered by 2 AA batteries, thereby cutting down showering time in half. You’re busy and we get that. Let the 360° rotary spin do all of the work for you and more effectively than a sponge or loofah ever could.


#2: It’s suitable for every skin type

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Got sensitive skin? Snap on the silicone brush head. Rough, patchy, and dry skin? The large body brush head will do just the trick. With 6 different brush heads, the Cora 7 is specifically designed for various skin types.


#3: It prevents and removes bacne

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That washcloth or loofah has nothin’ on the Cora 7. Our Cora 7 is gentle, yet powerful. Bacne (back-acne) doesn’t stand a chance. Our brush prevents body acne by removing bacteria from deep within your pores. With the detachable handle, you can easily scrub those hard-to-reach areas on your body.


#4: It gives you the silkiest, smoothest skin

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Get ready to remove dead skin cells and reveal softer, smoother, silkier skin from head to toe. You honestly won’t believe how soft your skin will become after just one use of the Cora 7.


#5: It turns shower time into a spa-experience

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In need of a little me-time? (Who isn’t?!) The Cora 7 does just the trick. Massage your skin with the rolling massager brush head. Embarrassed by your calluses and dry feet? Whip out the pumice stone brush head. We promise you’ll be feeling squeaky clean, de-stressed, and your body will be rejuvenated in no time!


There you have it! Moooooove over loofah – The Cora 7 is changing the shower game. Shower time made more effective, fun, and easy!


Ready to upgrade to the Cora 7? Have questions about it? We’re happy to answer! Send us a Facebook message.


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