June 06, 2019 2 min read

Sun, sea, sand...what’s not to love about a vacation? With the weather heating up, we’re eagerly anticipating sunny strolls along the beach by furiously filling our Pinterest board with vacation inspo!

Hold up… A sunny trip abroad requires preparation. From booking the flights to arranging transportation, and definitely not forgetting packing.

We all know diligence in the luggage department is key to a smooth running getaway. That's why we've put together a list of our top travel essentials to ensure your primed for a flawless vacation.

1. Document Organizer


Don’t start your vacation off on a bad note by forgetting those crucial flight documents. Opt for a sophisticated passport holder and travel wallet to keep your files in order for a smooth (and fashionable) check-in process. Here's 11 cute passport covers for clearing customs in style. 

2. Travel Humidifier


Planes, AC systems, dry climates… they all work against your skin, sucking the moisture out until you’re as dry as the desert. Fight the dehydration with a travel humidifier. This Cool Mist Travel Humidifier turns any standard sized water bottle into a moisture-producing tank. So long, dry skin!

3. Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials


Decant your beauty essentials into smaller travel-sized containers to free up luggage space for other packing necessities.  Stay on top of your beauty game PLUS save precious luggage room with this compact travel mirror. The natural daylight LEDs ensure that you have the perfect lighting no matter your destination.

4. Microfibre towel

Microfibre towels pack down small and take up little luggage weight, even slipping easily into your beach bag, making them the perfect alternative to their bulky counterparts.

5. Luggage Organizers


Maintain order in your case with a set of packing cubes and a toiletries organizer, keeping clothes and bathroom essentials neat and easily accessible - Marie Kondo would be proud!


6. Tech Accessories

Make sure to travel with a power bank and a waterproof case to stay charged up and protected by the pool. At the beach? Try a ziploc bag to protect your phone from the sand. 

7. Sun Protection

Stay safe in the sun with a variation of UV protection. Choose a reliable face SPF to keep your beautiful skin youthful and glowing and even double up on the protection with cute sunglasses and a fashionable hat! Limiting your direct sunlight exposure PLUS looking cute while doing so! Win, win! 

Follow these packing tips and you’ll be armed and ready to take on your next vacation with flying confidence.

See you at the beach!✌️

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