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Time to up your skincare game with the 3 in 1 Cora Cleansing Brush! This powerful cleansing tool will uncover radiant glowing skin, minimize pores and reveal smoother, softer skin. The Cora 3 comes with a trio of unique cleansing brush heads for daily and weekly exfoliation customizable for your skin concerns. It can be stored in the travel case for hygienic storage and ultimate portability - perfect for your next holiday! Safe for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types.

Daily Cleansing Brush: The ultra-soft nylon bristles are perfect for gentle daily cleansing when paired with your favourite cleanser. It helps remove makeup, dirt and excess oil from the skin to leave it looking fresh and healthy.

Exfoliating Brush: The Exfoliating Brush is made up of firmer bristles to deliver a deep pore exfoliation. This brush head should be used only a few times a week depending on your skin type and sensitivity.

Silicone Brush: With short, flexible silicone bristles, this brush head offers a softer cleansing option for people with dry or sensitive skin when used on the lowest speed setting. It can also help massage in skincare products or remove face masks thanks to its easily washable bristles.


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        the DETAILS

        gentle, daily and deep

        TWO SPEEDS
        for customized cleansing

        protect and travel

        THE SPECS

        • 360-degree Rotary Spin

        • Dual Speed
        • 3 Different Brush Heads
        • Travel Storage Case
        • 100% Water-Resistant
        • Cordless Design
        • Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included)


        How often should I change the brush heads?
        Dermatologists recommend every 3-4 months for hygiene and performance!

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