A Facelift Without The Surgery

Massaging rollers are taking Hollywood by storm thanks to their simple, non-invasive and results-driven benefits. 

Say Hello To Remi

Designed with 30 Germanium-infused stones, Remi simulates the kind of massage you’d receive during a professional facial but now from the comfort of your own home. 

Hello Toned Skin!

The rhythmic back and forth rolling motion increases blood circulation boosting collagen production, decongests the dermis and works out tension in your face and body muscles!

Face And Body

Remi can be used down the neck, shoulders, arms and legs to work out muscle tension, knots and stress. The mini Gua Sha stone on the end is perfect for using on pressure points to help with headaches and nausea.

"If you want a tool that is going to help you remove fine lines and give you firmer skin, try Remi. I can definitely feel a difference after using it."

Joanne @joannesun
30 Stones
Germanium Infused
Gua Sha Stone
Brazilian Rose Quartz
Skin Friendly
Suitable for Most Skin Types
No Batteries Required
24 Month Warranty
Product Size
18" (204mm) L x 1" (22mm) W