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Lara is our 10X magnification mirror designed exclusively to attach to the Vera Vanity Mirror. Lara magnetically attaches to the top half of Vera without leaving any marks or residue. It's ideal for using when you're applying makeup, performing skincare routines and grooming, like plucking your eyebrows *ouch*!

Please note: Lara does not come with Vera, Vera is sold separately. Lara will ONLY work with Vera and will not attach to any of our other mirrors.

  • Designed exclusively for our Vera Vanity Mirror
  • Experience a crystal-clear, distortion-free reflection
  • Tweeze, blend, contour or shave to perfection
  • Never miss a rogue eyebrow or chin hair again
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage

  • 10x magnifying detachable mirror 
  • Distortion-free glass
  • Durable magnetic attachment
  • Mirror Size: 4 inches (102mm)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.16 x 10.16 x 1.78 cm; 73 Grams
  • Made exclusively for our Vera Vanity Mirror (not included)

Nice things people say about Lara

They insisted on saying all these lovely things, honest!

review of LARA

"I was thinking of having my brows professionally done, now I don't have to."

- Elizabeth H. 

review of LARA

"Absolutely very very very happy that I got this product... exactly what I needed in my life!!!"

- Leslie K.

review of LARA

"I love this mirror because it can be held by hand or magnetically attached to my VERA."

- Angela S.

Nice things people say about Lara

They insisted on saying all these lovely things, honest!

Frequently Asked Questions

What magnification is the Lara?+

Lara is a 10X magnifying mirror.

Is the Lara equipped with LED lights?+
How do I attach the Lara on the Vera?+
Can the Lara be attached on any other Fancii mirrors?+
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