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10 College Dorm Room Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

July 23, 2017

10 College Dorm Room Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s almost that time of year - Time to say goodbye to endless summer nights and hello to endless college ones! Whether you're preparing for freshman year or you’re in your last year of college, it’s safe to say you will be needing some college supplies. If you’re a college student, add these list of products to your college check list. If you’re a family member or friend looking to give a gift to a college student you know, prepare your loved one for success with these 10 dorm room essentials! (Be sure to read till' the end for a discounted price on 3 of these products!)

Shower Caddy - buy it here! 

Living in a community style dorm? This means you’ll be sharing community showers! A shower caddy will be your best friend for anyone making a daily trek down the hall with shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, and a handful of other bathing supplies. This waterproof shower caddy has 7 sturdy compartments for optimal organization and makes trips from the shower easy peasy! Bonus – It even has a key hook so no need to worry about losing your dorm key! 

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Forget lugging your heavy laundry bag to the washer! This rolling laundry hamper allows you to roll your dirty laundry straight to the washing machine with ease. Mesh pockets on the side allow you to bring along supplies such as detergent, softener.

Bedside Storage Caddy- buy it here!

Keep your dorm room tidy and organized with this bedside storage caddy! Ten spacious pockets allow you to store your textbooks, tablet, TV remote, phone, keys, and more! You can attach it to any headboard or bed rail using three adjustable, heavy-duty velcro straps! Everything you need is arm’s reach away at all times!

Spinning Closet Organizer - buy it here!

Dorm room closets are usually small which means utilizing every inch of space is essential! Put a spin on storage possibilities - This spinning closet organizer allows you to maximize your space to the fullest! It features 6 sturdy shelves plus 6 side pockets for organizing clothing, shoes, and accessories!

Clip-on Lights - buy it here!

Let’s face it, late nights are inevitable in college, and I'm not talking late nights out, I’m talking late nights in studying away for tomorrow’s big exam. With clip-on lights, you can study anywhere in your room you’d like without worrying about keeping your roommate awake! Clip to your dorm bed or desk or anywhere for a late night read or study-sesh!

Cork Frame Magnetic Dry Erase Board - buy it here!

Who doesn’t love a good dry erase board? You can use it for homework, project deadlines, grocery lists, leaving notes for your roomie, or just drawing! This one is dual purpose with both a cork frame and dry erase board! Bonus – it comes with markers too!

Personal Humidifier - buy it here!

Dorm rooms tend to be dry places to live and bringing your own humidifier is a great way to keep your room comfortable and moisturized! Living in close quarters to other students means extra germs, but a humidifier can dramatically reduce your chances of catching viruses! This mini humidifier is battery operated, operates quietly, and its compact design fits anywhere and allows for ultimate portability!

USB Bed Risers - buy it here!

Living in a dorm room means you have no time for wasted space! Save lots of space with this USB Bed Lift Set. It will allow you to raise your bed a few inches which will provide you with storage space underneath your bed! It also doubles as a power outlet!

Faux Fur Saucer Chair - buy it here!

Before long you’ll start making lots of new friends, which means you’ll need extra seats for everyone when they start to crowd in your room. This foldable chair is perfect for stylish seating and adds a fun and cozy touch to your room! The best part – No assembly is required! Simply fold open and sit down to start using! It also comes in a selection of multiple colors so you can choose the right design for your personal space!

Vanity Mirror - buy it here!

Dorm rooms often lack good lighting and some rooms don't even have a window for natural lighting! Accurate makeup application is a must and some dorms and dorm bathrooms may leave you in the dark, literally. Having a good vanity mirror will be a lifesaver! The clever design of this particular model allows for efficient space saving via its compartments located on the base and the LED lighted mirror also rotates and swivels for that perfect angle!

Feeling overwhelmed on what to buy? Check out this college starter pack which includes 3 products at a discounted price!  


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