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Aria - Professional Makeup Brush Collection


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Add a serious dose of elegance to your vanity and your handbag with our travel-friendly 11-Pc Aria Makeup Brush Collection. Professionally designed and custom crafted to enhance your makeup routine, this decadent set offers perfect application, seamless coverage, and flawless definition of the face, eyes, and lips. Finished in a stunning rose gold, fully vegan, and made from the highest quality synthetic hair, these brushes will help you achieve the perfect look. Whether you’re a professional MUA or just getting started, our makeup brushes are just what you need to take your beauty game to the next level.

Soft, Dense Bristles

Made with ultra soft, silky and dense synthetic fibers which are less prone to breakage than natural hairs; they are easy to clean, non-shedding and limit the amount of makeup product absorption by up to 35% - saving you time and money. Create a flawless, airbrushed look with more uniform application of powders, creams and liquids.

Cruelty Free

Our brushes are completely cruelty free, which means we do not test them on animals. The synthetic bristles are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, hnon-porous, and do not contain any toxins, which make them safe for you and the environment.

Elegant Handles

11-piece professional grade makeup brush set, each handcrafted for use by makeup artists and novices alike. Using a proprietary rubber blend, the long, ergonomic handles of our brushes allow for effortless makeup application.

Fancy Design

Stunning rose gold finish with smooth matte black handle adds a touch of sophistication to any makeup collection. Trust us, you'll love the way this collection looks. Show it off on your vanity because you're fancy and we know it!

Travel in Style

Take your brushes anywhere without worrying about damaging the brush or deforming the bristles. The included premium vegan leather roll clutch will protect your brushes with style!

    • Cruelty-Free Synthetic Fibers
    • 11-Pc Professional Makeup Brush Set
    • Big Powder Brush
    • Flat Foundation Brush
    • Sculpting Foundation Brush
    • Angled Contour Brush
    • Precision Blush Brush
    • Tapered Blending Brush
    • Pro Smudge Brush
    • Flawless Concealer Brush
    • All-Over Eyeshadow Brush
    • Angled Eyeliner Brush
    • Lip Defining Brush
    • Vegan Leather Roll Clutch
    1. Big Powder Brush - large domed shaped brush best used in sweeping strokes. Apply pressed or loose powder to the face or body for a smooth and even finish.
    2. Flat Foundation Brush - effortlessly apply, buff and blend liquid foundation - achieve a pixel-perfect look with ease.
    3. Sculpting Foundation Brush - designed to add depth and give definition to your face with a few simple strokes, perfect for contouring your nose and cheeks. Apply liquid or cream foundation to hard-to-reach spots.
    4. Angled Contour Brush - apply bronzer and highlighter, contour your cheekbones, temples and other features.
    5. Precision Blush Brush - perfect for applying blush and bronzer to your cheeks.
    6. Tapered Blending Brush - use to blend eye colors and to highlight the brow bone.
    7. Pro Smudge Brush - perfect for applying your favorite shade along the lash line and create a smokey look.
    8. Flawless Concealer Brush - cover up unwanted spots, blemishes and get ride of under-eye dark circles.
    9. All-Over Eyeshadow Brush - precisely apply and layer eyeshadow primer and base color from lid to brow bone. The larger brush head size delivers the perfect amount of coverage in fewer strokes.
    10. Angled Eyeliner Brush - apply liquid and cream textures along the lash line. Get the perfect winged eyeliner with this brush.
    11. Lip Defining Brush - for precise application of lip color and filling in fine lines

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