11 Steps to Give Yourself the Best At-Home DIY Mani-Pedi

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Going to the nail salon for a mani-pedi is a relaxing treat, but let’s face it – the price can add up and sometimes our schedules get too hectic that we don’t have time to make a visit. Pretty painted nails look professional and are great for self-esteem, but they don’t have to be hard on the wallet or interfere with your busy life.

Grab your comfiest pajamas and your favorite movie - Here’s a step-by-step guide to mastering the perfect mani-pedi – from the comfort of your couch (or wherever your busy lifestyle takes you), and while saving you money in the long run. With an all-natural DIY-method, your nails will be healthier and happier for it! And the end results will have your friends “oohing and ahhing” and asking for the name of the salon you went to.

Items we recommend for the perfect DIY mani-pedi include:

1. The Fancii Electronic Manicure & Pedicure Set – This handy little, yet powerful device does it all – and it does so professionally and up to salon-quality standards. With this device, you can ditch your clippers, nail file, cuticle pusher and buffer block! 
2. DIY exfoliating scrub: sugar, olive oil (or coconut oil)
3. Rubbing alcohol
4. Cotton balls
5. Nail polish - (Base coat and top coat polish optional)
6. Vitamin E or cuticle oil


Step 1: Clean and prepare nails
Start with a clean palette – If your hands and feet aren’t already clean, give them a quick wash before getting started.

Step 2: Trim, file and shape nails
Using the Fancii Electronic Manicure & Pedicure Set, choose the sandpaper grinder attachment and insert it into the interface. The sandpaper grinder can shorten even the thickest of nails quickly and can also be used to shape your nail into your desired shape. If you struggle with snags or breakage of nails, a shorter style with a rounded edge tends to be easier to manage and helps build nail strength. Leftover polish on your nails from a previous mani-pedi? No worries, the power of the sand paper grinder will remove any last bits of polish.

Step 3: Soak and exfoliate
Soak your hands and/or feet in a bowl of warm water. In a separate bowl combine the following ingredients:

- 1/2 cup sugar (both white or brown sugar will work)
- 1/2 cup oil (olive oil or coconut oil work great)

- Optional: essential oils of your choosing – tea tree oil, peppermint oil, vanilla, lavender, etc.

Sound simple? It is! Gently lather a few tablespoons of your freshly made exfoliating scrub onto your hands and/or feet, massage thoroughly, and rinse away with warm water. Voila! Silky, soft skin at last.

The unused scrub can be stored in an airtight jar or container, such as a Tupperware or a mason jar with a flip lid. Store the scrub in a cool, dark place (such as a cabinet) until next time.

Step 4: Remove calluses and push back cuticles
Using the carborundum grinder attachment, you can remove the dead skin cells around the nail edge, remove calluses easily, and gently push back the nail cuticle. The chromium corundum grinder can also be used during this time to smooth and grind the edge of nails and the white corundum grinder to polish the nail surface prior to utilizing the felt grinder.

Step 5: Buff and shine
Attach the felt grinder and simply move the surface over the nail. The tip of the cone can be used to reach the corners of the nail. You’ll notice impeccable and shiny nail surfaces immediately after use! Upon completion, your nails are prepped and ready for an easier application of nail polish.

Step 6: Prep for polish
Failing to prepare your nails before polishing them will result in nail polish coverage that begins chipping after a few days. To prep your nail’s surface and remove any excess oils, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and gently apply pressure to each of your nails. Using rubbing alcohol on your nails prior to polishing will ensure the paint lasts for up to a week before it begins to chip.

*Quick tip: Don’t go crazy with the rubbing alcohol, applying too much to your nails can cause them to dry out and create possible cracking and chipping.

Step 7: Apply basecoat
Applying a base coat to your nails is importantbecause it creates a barrier that helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of nail polish. It prevents them from yellowing, peeling, and becoming brittle. It will also give your polished nails a more even texture because let’s be honest, nobody likes a rigged and uneven nail base. 

Step 8: Apply polish
Pick a color, any color! (This is always the most difficult part for me). Check out these 13 nail polish colors for spring 2017 for some inspiration. Dip the brush into your selected bottle and put a small dot of polish at the base of your nail, just above your cuticle. Starting at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, then to the right and then down the center. Three strokes are all you need. Apply one more thin coat following the same steps, but be sure to let the first coat dry before applying the second.

*Quick tip: Apply Vaseline around the edges of your nails before painting to easily wipe away any stray marks without ruining your mani-pedi.

Step 9: Top coat perfection
Now it’s finally time for the finishing touches. After your nails have dried, it’s important to ALWAYS apply a clear top coat. Top coats act as a protective barrier. They prevent nail polish from fading and chipping and give you a long-lasting shine.

*Quick tip: When applying the top coat, be sure to swipe the very tip of your nail. That way, when you're typing and hitting your tips against the keys constantly, you'll be less likely to get chips.

Step 10: Quick Dry
Gone are the days waiting for your nails to dry and praying that you don’t smudge your beautiful manicure that you just worked so hard to produce. No need to perform the “run your nails under cold water” trick either. With the built-in UV dryer, the UV light treatment will dry nail polish effectively and within a matter of minutes. Simply place the stand upside down and press the UV light ON/OFF button to start.

Step 11: Oil Up
Vitamin E oil or cuticle oil will instantly hydrate your nails and surrounding skin. Apply the oil over each nail and around the cuticle area. After applying to each of your fingers, massage it into the skin, doing one finger at a time. Rub excess oil into your hands as you would with hand lotion.

There you have it, you are now a DIY mani-pedi pro! Achieving the same salon-quality results in the comfort of your home and without the waste of time and money has never been easier. Don’t have time for a full DIY mani-pedi? The Fancii Electronic Manicure & Pedicure Set is lightweight and portable. It fits easily into a purse or bag and allows you to treat your nails and toes to professional, salon quality results while on the go!

Do you have any nail care or mani-pedi tips? Don’t hold out on the rest of us…share your tips and tricks below!

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