Bad Beauty Lighting 101

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There’s something we think all of us beauty lovers can agree on: good lighting is the key to making sure we have the best results when it comes to our makeup or skincare. If you’re aiming to get that flawless application or finish, good lighting is a game changer. You can see everything clearly so that you don’t miss any spots or details. 

Learn more about Bad Beauty Lighting in the Video Below


Below are 3 common types of Bad Beauty Lighting™.

Do any of the following look familiar?

Yellow Hued Lights

What it does: makes it very easy to go too heavy on concealer and powder in an attempt to brighten up your complexion.

Where it’s found: generic light bulbs in many of our homes. 


Fluorescent White Lights

What it does: highlights your blemishes and imperfections, washing out your skin. It also causes you to go too heavy on the makeup.

Where it’s found: clothing shops and bathrooms of fancy restaurants and bars.


Dim Lights

What it does: makes it hard to see your face with clarity, so it's easy to miss spots when blending and to overdo your blush and bronzer. 😬

Where it’s found: your bedroom when it's dark outside and hotel rooms that lack proper lighting.


What’s The Solution?

All this to say, bad lighting is truly the enemy when it comes to flawless makeup application. Luckily, it’s something that can be avoided. Do yourself a favor and make good lighting a priority in your beauty routine.

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