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5 Ways to Empower the Females in Your Life This International Women’s Day

March 08, 2019

5 Ways to Empower the Females in Your Life This International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day (IWD) here and Women's History Month this month, what better time to celebrate the achievements of females around the world.


A balanced world is a better world. But the truth is... Gender equality is still a real issue to this day. From pay disparity to women’s rights, we still have a way to go. So let’s do all we can to bring each other up and show the world the power we hold. Here are 5 things you can do to spread the message of female empowerment.

Give a Compliment

In a world governed by the patriarchy let’s support other women, not bring them down. Shun the petty gossiping for a spree of female positivity.


Next time you’re at the mall, compliment a woman on her outfit choice. Tell a friend how much you admire their work ethic or simply share a smile. Trust us, you’ll feel good about spreading the love, as well as totally making someone’s day!

Spread Support

We bet there are some pretty powerful females in your life. Women that shaped who you are today and support you through the journey of life.


Tell them how much they mean to you with a simple text or even a hug! Group chat your girls and set them up for success for the day. You never know, you might lift someone up when they need it the most!

Educate Yourself

IWD highlights the work of some pretty impressive women that have fought for the rights we have today. Take the time to learn about the work of these fabulous females before us - plus the ones still calling for change today.


Pick up a book like this one or stick on a female-led podcast and feel inspired to let other women know the power they hold - we’re truly a force to be reckoned with!


Attend a March

Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals by participating in a march. Calling for women’s rights, there’s no better way to feel empowered than truly immersing yourself.


Find a march near you and let your voice be heard!

Donate to a Women's Refuge

Put those unwanted clothes and beauty items to a good cause by donating them to a local women's refuge. Give these woman the confidence to come out fighting strong from the adversity they’ve faced by offering even just a small amount of support.



We can all fight for a better world. One in which our voices are loud and proud and gender equality is real. Whether it’s your sister, your mom, your friends or a stranger in the street, let’s start empowering one another and show the power in unity!


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