It's Time To Eliminate Bad Beauty Lighting.

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We're on a mission!

Bad Beauty Lighting™ comes in many forms, (yellow, fluorescent, dim, and none) all of which lead to messed up makeup, let’s be honest.

Fancii mirrors were created so women can have the best lighting, no matter where they are.

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Bring On The Natural Light!

We created the ultimate mirror bundle for perfect makeup lighting!
The Vera Vanity is excellent for at home makeup application while the Mila Compact is your must-have for touch ups on the go. You’re welcome.

Real People, Real Results

Tired of Embarrasing Makeup Mistakes?

With Fancii natural daylight LED mirrors you’ll avoid:

80s Style Blush

Mis-Matched Foundation

Orange Face

Long Chinny Chin Hairs

Skeletal Contouring

Over Bronzing

Beauty Expert Approved

Beauty Influencer
Kalee Rogers

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Brandi Raines

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Kara Lewis Newton

Why Fancii Mirrors Are The S***

95 CRI

You’ll struggle to find a more color-accurate light than ours with ourTru-Glow lighting


With the same lux readings as sunlight, our LED lights will ensure you see every pore in detail

High Def Glass

We only use premium quality glass so you always get a crystal-clear reflection

Our Best Mirror Bundle

Sold out

Meet your new beauty power-duo. With natural daylight LED lights at home or on-the-go, there’s no amount of BBL trickery that could mess with your look. Plus, let’s be honest it doesn’t get more glam than this, with our two premium (and sleekest) vanity and compact mirrors. BBL beware, there’s a new hero in town.

Choose between Chrome or Rose Gold for the Vera vanity, and Black, White and Pink for the Mila compact.

"P.S this @fanciico mirror is (amazing) It’s called the Vera, has color-correcting lighting and allows me to finally have the perfect light to contour in."

- Rachel Norstrom @rachelnorstrom

Your Beauty Routine Is About To Get So Much Easier...

Expertly Blended Contour

Straight & Even Eyeliner

Flawless concealer

Seamlessly Blended Eyeshadow

Precise Eyebrow Shaping

Perfect Lip Liner

Save $40 on Vera and Mila!

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Things People Ask Us...

Where do you ship to?

We ship to United States and Canada. Shipping is free over $55 and usually takes 3-5 business days to arrive.

How can I tell if I have Bad Beauty Lighting?

Unless your space is flooded with natural daylight, you're very likely to have BBL in your home. To eliminate BBL your mirror should have Tru-Glow lighting like ours, the lights should be directly infront of your face (so you don't get any shadows) and shouldn'tt be yellow or blue hued.

Do you have payment plans?

We sure do! We use a partner application called Sezzle which allows you to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. Simply choose Sezzle at checkout!