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Hey beautiful, take $5 OFF

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Lumi - Lighted Compact Mirror, 1x/10x


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This elegant, compact LED mirror is not your average purse mirror. It closely simulates natural sunlight providing you with true-to-life color-correct details. Choose from two sides (1X or 10X magnification) and easily apply makeup, tweeze precisely and manage blemish control while on the go!

  • Daylight LED closely simulates natural sunlight providing you with true-to-life color-correct details
  • Two-sided 1x/10x magnification is ideal for applying makeup, tweezing, or blemish control
  • Large 5-inch distortion-free view | Slim, stylish, and lightweight mirror perfect for purses or travel
  • Our long-lasting LED lightbulbs, unlike traditional bulbs, won't burn out or diminish, up to 20,000 hours
  • Elegant compact mirror with a glossy black finish suitable for any occasion

Look and feel good no matter where you are!
On a bus, in a train, an airport, a coffee shop, the beach... you can’t always have a mirror close by which means you can’t always have the reassurance that your lipstick is even or that you’re blemish- free... WRONG. Rest assured you’re looking flawless with this compact mirror (no matter where your location). Put it in your purse, your gym bag, your car, take it with you wherever you go!

Light it up!
This mirror is seriously LIT - 30% brighter and 60% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Our mirror is equipped with energy-efficient Daylight LEDs that will brighten your face and provide you with natural daylight for the most natural look - so you can always look and feel your best.

View the gorgeous babe you are via two magnifications
The 1X normal view offers you a distortion free image of your whole face, while the 10X magnification is great for close-up detail work such as applying eye makeup or tweezing. So, whether you’re in need of some magnification to help you remove that stray eyelash or just need to check to make sure your lipstick hasn’t smudged in the middle of your blind date- this mirror has you covered!

Hands-free makeup application and ultimate portability
The Lumi’s unique design opens up in an upright position. Sit it on a counter for hands-free makeup application. It closes to a compact size for the ultimate travel-friendly companion.

    1. Remove the mirror from the package.
    2. The mirror comes with pre-installed batteries and can be used immediately.
    3. Open the folding mirror and turn the power switch (on the bottom of the mirror) to the ON position to turn on the LED Light.
      Note: Due to the higher magnification of the 10x mirror, you should view yourself from a close distance (no more than 7 inches away)
    4. To turn on the LED light, move the power switch on the bottom of the makeup mirror from the OFF to the ON position.
    5. To turn off the light, move the switch back to the OFF position.
    How long does the LED light last?
    Unlike traditional bulbs, our long-lasting LED lightbulbs won’t burn out or diminish, up to 20,000 hours of use.

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