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Hey beautiful, take $5 OFF

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LED Lighted Pocket Magnifying Glass, 10x 20x 30x


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A lighted pocket magnifying glass is useful when you're reading the fine print on grocery or prescription labels, or when you're examining intricate details in diamonds, coins or stamps. The slide out design offers protection when the magnifying glass is not in use, and we even added a PU leather sleeve for storage. The additional UV blacklight helps with counterfeit currency detection.

Our high power pocket magnifying glass is great for coin and stamp collectors, jewelers, geologists, antiquarians, computer technicians, scientists and hobbyists.

    Ready for travel
    This magnifier is lightweight, compact, and extremely portable. It can easily fit in purses, pants and shirt pockets. Also comes with a PU leather carrying sleeve for storage and extra protection. 

    Illuminate while you magnify

    Equipped with two ultra bright energy-efficient LED lights that provides an evenly lit viewing area even under low-light conditions. The addition of an UV black light allows for counterfeit currency detection. The lights run on three LR44 button batteries (included); a new set of batteries can last for days. 

    • Light automatically turns on when magnifier slides out
    • 2 ultra bright LED lights
    • 1 UV blacklight 
    • Requires three LR44 batteries (included) 
    Made with:
    • Scratch-resistant acrylic lens
    • Durable ABS casing
    • 1.0" (25mm) magnifying lens: 10x power 
    • 10x lens focal length: 1" 
    • 0.5" (12mm) jewelers loupe: 20x power 
    • 20x lens focal length: 0.5" 
    • 0.3" hi-power loupe: 30x zoom 
    • 30x lens focal length: 0.2" 
    The light flickers when turned on. What should I do?
    If the light is flickering or does not turn on, check the batteries or try inserting new ones. If the issue still occurs, it might be that you have received a defective unit. In such case, please contact our Support Team, they will solve the problem right away.

    Image is upside down. Is my magnifier defective?
    All strong magnifiers have this tendency of rotating the image upside down if they are not held close enough to the object. Try holding it at 1-2 inches distance and then slowly pulling it away until you get a clear image.

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