Fancii Community - A Makeup Artist's Dream

I see you, with the newest palette in your shopping cart... You're not alone! If there was a 'makeup addicts anonymous' group I bet the members there would be looking so fierce! Luckily we're proud of our addiction to Sephora, Tarte, NYX, MAC..... Doing something you love and are passionate about is a part of what makes you unique. Thanks for letting us know what's important to you so we can get to know you a bit better.

We have some great beauty tools, in case you didn't see. Our Aria Professional Makeup Brush Set is fully vegan, cruelty free and is gorgeous too. We always we stand behind our products 100%, with a full money back guarantee and 18 month hassle free warranty. Oh and free shipping! Nobody likes getting THAT surprise at checkout so we did away with that nonsense. 

Now the second question... is a smoky eye look appropriate for work? Does it even matter? We didn't think so 😉