Why We Love LED-Lighted Makeup Mirrors - And You Should, Too!

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall – which is the brightest of them all? When it comes to the choice between a lighted and an unlighted makeup mirror, there’s really no contest. Today’s LED lighting technology is so advanced, that it’s as close to true daylight as you can get without stepping outside your front door.

Let There Be Light

Why is the right lighting so important? While we all get the fact that light makes it easier to see what we’re doing – especially when it’s paired with the power of a magnifying makeup mirror – not all light is created equal.

Fashion, photography, and makeup professionals everywhere will tell you that light quality is essential when it comes to the difference between a good makeup application, and a poor one. Natural daylight is the very best source of light for properly applying cosmetics, but most of us don’t put on our foundation and concealer in the great outdoors. Instead, we make do with the woefully inadequate lighting that’s often found inside our homes and bathrooms:

  • lighting that’s too yellow, 
  • too dim, 
  • or simply too harsh (think fluorescent bulbs) to be effective

    When light is too yellow – like that produced by many incandescent bulbs - it makes your skin look sallow. This can tempt you to over-apply your makeup. Warmer lighting tones like this also do a great job of hiding the very imperfections we want to correct!

    Of all the lighted-mirror options available to us, only daylight LEDs are the next best thing to natural outdoor illumination.

    Avoiding Eyestrain

    Beyond the concern of starting your day with less than a perfect complexion, lies the fact that straining to see when the light is too dim is a major contributor to eyestrain. Our eyes have a strong tendency to overwork themselves when they’re forced to compensate for poor lighting conditions. And over time, this can lead to:

    • headaches,
    • fatigue, and
    • reduced concentration

      Eyestrain can even result from regularly exposing your eyes to the dry, moving air from a fan or indoor heating system. To avoid this, consider using a portable, personal humidifier to replenish the moisture that may be missing from your home or office environment.

      Regardless of the cause, most of us remain completely unaware when our eyes come under stress - until the unpleasant side effects begin to appear. LED-lighted mirrors offer just the right amount of brightness to conquer even the most weakly-lit setting – whether that describes your bathroom at home, the romantic restaurant across town, or the back seat of the taxi that takes you from one to the other.

      Why We Love LEDs

      LEDs provide a host of incomparable benefits that go above and beyond the natural - and highly accurate - white light they emit.

      LEDs produce very little heat: You’ll never have to worry about them overheating and causing accidental burns when you brush up against them.

      LEDs are tremendously energy efficient: They use far less electricity and battery power than any other light source – as much as five times less, in the case of incandescent bulbs!

      LEDs are dimmable: They also make it possible to pair that dimming feature with simple touch control

      LEDs are resistant to shock, vibrations, and extreme temperatures: This makes LED-lighted makeup mirrors the ideal travel companion!

      LEDs last much longer than any other lights: How much longer? About 50x, 25x, and 10x respectively, when compared with incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent light bulbs.

      LEDs are also widely praised for the fact that the light they emit is extremely directional. Why does this matter? One of the biggest problems with incandescent bulbs is that the light rays they project travel in many directions at once. This makes them less bright, and far less efficient at lighting up the surfaces they land on.

      It’s also the reason why LED-lit makeup mirrors work best when you position them directly in front of your face. As opposed to overhead lighting that tends to cast shadows, portable makeup mirrors can be easily repositioned, and are ideal for letting you find just the right placement for dealing with contact lenses, or touching up makeup.

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