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Why Magnifiers Make Great Gifts

June 18, 2016 1 Comment

Why Magnifiers Make Great Gifts

If you’ve already discovered the joy and freedom that go hand-in-hand with owning a magnifying glass, why not consider sharing that delight with others? Perhaps it’s never crossed your mind that magnifiers make great gifts for friends and family, but given their many valuable uses they’re actually an ideal way to show someone you care.

Owning your own magnifier (or two) can pay dividends on many levels, running the full scope from therapeutic, to practical, to fun. In fact, some of the most frequent comments made by regular magnifying glass users include:

  • “I don’t know how I ever lived without one”

  • “You can never have too many …”

Low Vision Care

Magnifying aids make wonderfully thoughtful gifts for grandparents or anyone suffering from low vision, macular degeneration, diabetes, cataracts or glaucoma. Whether their vision problem is a simple case of far-sightedness, or a more limiting degenerative disease, tasks and leisure activities once taken for granted by these individuals can suddenly become a daily challenge, if not an outright impossibility.

From reading a pill bottle to deciphering an email, a well-constructed, lightweight magnifying glass or reading lens is an affordable way to make a real difference in the life of someone with low vision. And it can go a long way toward helping them regain the sense of independence they may have lost.

Magnification in the Workplace

When it comes to the realm of the professional, it’s likely that the jeweler, geologist, printer or photographer in your life already owns a personal loupe, or a hands-free magnifier workstation.

At the same time however, it’s just as likely that they’d be more than grateful to receive a good quality back-up, or a handy pocket version of their favorite magnifying tool. Anyone whose work relies heavily on the use of magnification will benefit from owning multiple magnifiers that can be kept in multiple locations.

And gemologists aren’t the only professionals who find that a magnifier comes in handy from time to time. Architects, science teachers, engineers, and repair technicians are just a few of the people whose jobs can be made easier and more enjoyable with the help of a high quality magnifying glass.

Creativity Unleashed

Who doesn’t know a hobbyist? From knitters to stamp collectors, magnifying tools are a great way to help others get more out of whatever it is they love to do. Visually challenged or otherwise, a magnifying aid can make a particularly valuable gift for anyone who:

  • Collects or studies coins, stamps, maps or old documents

  • Loves to linger over the daily newspaper or latest novel

  • Enjoys crafts of any kind, including needlework, jewelry making, and scrapbooking

  • Surfs the internet, or uses their computer on a regular basis

  • Dabbles in electronics or circuit-building

Magnification in the Home

The bottom line is that just about anyone can benefit from owning a personal magnifier, regardless of their age or visual ability. The possibilities posed by this versatile tool are practically endless, ranging from solar wood burning to the removal of a splinter.

There are powerful magnifying mirrors that make the application of cosmetics easier, and pocket and key ring magnifiers that offer the ideal solution to just about any fine print dilemma – from restaurant menus to product labels. Meanwhile, don’t forget the grandkids: just hand them a durable, Sherlock Holmes-style magnifying glass, and watch them get up close and personal with everything from a blade of grass to a droplet of water.

Choosing the Right Gift

Magnifiers have come a long way in recent years, and now incorporate everything from LED illumination to black UV light in their construction. There are magnifiers offering a magnification of 2-10X, for reading and other general activities, and those with a magnification of 20-30X for viewing more finely detailed objects, like coins, stamps or jewelry.

You can choose from handheld, hands-free, visor and tabletop magnifier options, but when searching for just the right gifts for your friends and family, remember that there’s no substitute for high quality, distortion-free lenses, and sturdy ergonomic design. Regardless of the style you select, you’ll find that a well-made magnifying glass is sure to bring years of use and enjoyment to anyone fortunate enough to receive it.

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