Which Makeup Mirror is Right for You?

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Did you know that the average woman will spend about $15,000 on cosmetics over the course of her life? And there’s good evidence to suggest that many men spend nearly as much on skincare and shaving products. With a financial investment of that size, it only makes sense to squeeze as much value as possible from your daily makeup routine. Finding the right makeup mirror is a must for looking your best every day, and it can be particularly helpful if you suffer from vision problems.

Makeup mirrors vary in price, but they don’t have to cost a lot to be effective. The right makeup mirror for you is the one that allows you to engage in flawless makeup application, a close shave, or precise tweezing every time you use it. So how do you track down the ideal mirror for your needs? You start by considering these four essential features:

  • Magnification

  • Lighting

  • Mounting

  • Adjustability


The main benefit of a quality makeup mirror is its ability to enlarge and reveal every contour and detail of your face. Mirrors come in a wide range of magnifications - typically from 5X to 10X - so there’s a perfect fit for every beauty regime. A magnifying makeup mirror is the ideal solution for those with deteriorating vision, or who must remove their glasses before shaving, applying makeup, or treating their skin. It’s also a great aid for the insertion and removal of contact lenses.

Clear, distortion-free glass and adequate magnification are the keys to viewing the tiniest facets of your complexion. And that’s particularly important when you’re covering blemishes, applying finicky eyeliner, removing makeup, or tweezing stray eyebrows and other unwanted facial hair. 


Next to magnification, lighting is the most important factor when choosing a makeup mirror. You should consider:

  • the type – incandescent vs LED,

  • the quality – warm vs white, and

  • the delivery - plug-in vs battery

LED lighting offers many benefits over incandescent, including the fact that it’s 30% brighter and uses 60% less energy. Incandescent bulbs also tend to produce a light that’s warmer and duller, making them a lot less effective at exposing flaws, pores, and fine lines.

While it’s well known that natural daylight provides the very best lighting for grooming and makeup tasks, daylight LEDs are one of the finest substitutes. They offer an energy-efficient white light that’s both natural and accurate, and they offset the limitations of a dimly lit or windowless space, or one that’s lit by incandescent bulbs.

Lighted makeup mirrors generally either plug into an outlet or run on batteries. While the purchase of batteries does represent an extra cost, LEDs are notorious for consuming very little energy. Choosing a battery-operated mirror also does away with unsightly wires, and means you’ll still be able to get up and get going with your morning routine in the event of a power failure.


Freestanding tabletop versions are available, but many makeup mirror users love the convenience of being able to attach their mirror to virtually any flat surface - horizontal or vertical. With a mountable model, you’ll also avoid the risk of accidentally knocking your mirror over and having to deal with broken bits or shattered glass in your rush to get ready for work.

Mountable makeup mirrors that use a suction mechanism to stay securely in place can be attached to a variety of surface finishes, including:

  • existing mirrors,

  • ceramic sink-surrounds,

  • marble countertops, and more

And because many mounting styles are temporary, your mirror can quickly and easily be relocated and used elsewhere – whether you want to give yourself a facial in the comfort of your sitting-room, or pack it into your suitcase to take on vacation!

Remember, whether you prefer to sit or stand during the grooming process, it’s important to locate your magnifying makeup mirror in such a way that you can get close enough to it to bring your image into proper focus.


As a final consideration, be sure to look for makeup mirror models that are adjustable in some way. There’s not much point trying to wring convenience out of a product that forces you to adopt an awkward stance or posture just to use it. Makeup mirrors that swivel, swing, or adjust to various angles are your best bet. Not only does this built-in flexibility allow the mirror to be used while you’re sitting or standing, it also means that every member of the household will be able to find just the right viewpoint for their various toiletry needs.

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