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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Seniors

February 22, 2017

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Seniors

If you’re looking for a practical gift for that elderly friend or relative who seems to have everything, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of age, we all want to look and feel our best each day. And that’s why we’ve hand-picked this line-up of five top gift ideas that are sure to bring joy, convenience, and a sense of independence to the senior in your life.

1. Lighted Magnifying Glass

There are a host of low-vision problems with the potential to make life difficult for your friends and family members, including:

  • hyperopia (farsightedness),

  • cataracts,

  • diabetes,

  • glaucoma, and

  • macular degeneration

But it can also be a simple sign of ageing when our ability to see clearly at close range begins to deteriorate.

Although this vision change is normal for many adults, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. And that’s why magnifiers of all types make great gifts for those in their mid-40s and beyond. A quality magnifying glass that offers 2X, 4X, or even 5X magnification is ideal for improving everyday activities like:

  • reading the newspaper, 

  • doing needlework, and 

  • deciphering the fine print on prescription medications 

Many magnifiers also feature energy-efficient LED lighting, which makes them the perfect accessory for nighttime reading, and other low-light tasks.

2. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

It’s not only women who experience hormonal fluctuations as they age. Men too begin to suffer from imbalances that can cause, among other things, the hair in their ears, noses, and eyebrows to get:

  • longer, 

  • coarser, and 

  • darker 

Although many men resort to using tweezers to keep hair tufts thinned out, this can be hard on their health. Plucking hairs in sensitive areas like the inside of ears and nostrils is not only painful, it can break the skin, and allow infection-causing germs to enter the body.

Consider presenting the mature male in your life with a precision nose and ear hair trimmer. These convenient, battery-operated clippers keep stray hairs neatly trimmed and under control, and are specially engineered to do the job safely, without any tugging or tearing. Many professional trimmers also feature built-in LED lighting, which makes accessing hard-to-see areas, easier.

3. Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Yet another challenge for those who suffer from vision problems is that it can turn simple tasks - like putting on makeup, inserting contact lenses, and applying topical medications - into a daily struggle. Much like a hands-free magnifying glass, a distortion-free magnifying makeup mirror will make life easier for your low-vision loved ones.

Whether it’s designed to enlarge facial details by 7X, 8X, or 10X magnification, a lighted mirror is the ideal solution for anyone who normally requires glasses to see what they’re doing, or whose close-range vision isn’t what it once was. And because lighted magnifying mirrors use long-lasting LED bulbs, they provide a bright, crystal-clear image in spaces where natural daylight may be limited.

4. Personal Humidifier

We can thank hormone fluctuations once again for the fact that our skin becomes so much more prone to drying as we age. While our bodies have a built-in self-moisturizing system, this becomes less efficient, the older we get. As a result, the surface of our skin has a hard time holding onto the water it needs, and symptoms of dryness set in that include:

  • tightness, 

  • flaking and chapping,

  • itching and roughness,

  • fine lines and wrinkles,

  • a dull, sallow complexion

Gifting someone with a portable personal humidifier is a wonderful way to help them reintroduce moisture into their sleeping environment. By replacing the water that may be missing from dry bedroom air, a personal humidifier helps to keep ageing complexions supple, moist, and youthful.

5. Bedside Caddy

Loss of flexibility is usually one of the first things we notice about our body’s ability to move as we mature. Age creeps in, and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding our joints become less capable of supporting the range of motion we normally enjoy. For some, mobility is further compromised by such health conditions as:

  • osteoporosis,

  • arthritis, and 

  • previous joint injuries

Decreased flexibility can make it difficult for the elderly to get up and get going once they’re horizontal. And there’s nothing more frustrating than finally slipping into bed for the night, only to discover that your reading glasses or favorite magazine are on the other side of the room.

That’s where a multi-pocket bedside caddy comes in handy as an irreplaceable gift idea. It’s the perfect spot for storing everything from tissues to the TV remote - and because this sturdy storage organizer attaches quickly, easily, and securely to bedrails and headboards, it keeps everyday items within arm’s reach, all night long.

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