The Best Lighting for Makeup: LED Illuminated Mirrors

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We’ll let you in on a secret…

Sometimes getting ready is the best part of going out. Whether it be to the grocery store or a special event, the beautifying process is where A LOT of the fun is at.


If your ‘getting ready’ environment is all wrong, you might find yourself stressed and rushing out the door not feeling your fanciiest self.

Hey girl, it’s gonna be okay…

We totally get it! We all have those days when we don’t feel as motivated. The best part is that you can hack your own inspiring environment on a budget with a few simple tweaks...

Let There Be Light

The biggest change you can make to your vanity is to the lighting. By switching to good quality, makeup professional standard lights you’ll find it’s much easier to apply your makeup.

Now, good lighting isn’t going to solve all the world’s problems, but it’ll sure light up your life - quite literally!

It’s no secret that natural daylight is the optimum lighting for ensuring you’re not going too heavy handed with the bronzer. But not all of us have the space to set up our vanity’s basking in glorious streams of light.

There’s a better solution…

Trust us! Our range of mirrors are tried and tested just for you guys. They’re all framed by LEDs that emit natural daylight.

LED Lowdown

Daylight LEDs are hands down the best lighting option for all us beauty lovers. The cooler tone these lights give off are different to your standard light bulbs.

Think about it…

Have you ever done your makeup in your bathroom or bedroom, only to walk outside and be bummed-out at your reflection in your compact? We’ve been there…

Natural light LEDs will bring an end to streaky makeup mishaps - in fact, they’ll help you to up your game! Next stop professional MUA…

Here’s why our daylight LEDs are top of the range…

1. Flattering

Featuring a soft illumination, daylight LEDs offer the most flattering light. The best part is, it’s all you!

No hiding - these lights show off your beautiful self in your full glory. Most closely mimicking natural sunlight, you can be assured that you’re viewing yourself with true-to-life color-correct details.

2. Brighter

LEDs are some of the brightest bulbs around, that won’t wash you out. They’re bright in a complementary way - showing you exactly what makeup products are going to work seamlessly with your complexion. Say goodbye to streaky lines and orange faces!

3. Eco-Friendly

The longevity of LEDs mean you won’t need to be replacing the bulbs anywhere near as often as conventional ones. This energy efficiency means LEDs are better for the environment too - meaning you can feel good about looking good.

Other non-natural lighting simply can’t compare. We also want you to feel and look your best which is why we don’t use tinted lighting, which can distort the colors of your face. We also avoid fluorescent lights which have a habit of over highlighting imperfections - no thank you!

The Best Illuminated Makeup Mirrors

We love natural LEDs so much at Fancii that we’ve created a range of mirrors that incorporate this unparalleled lighting into each and every one.

You don’t need to worry about the best way to bring LEDs into your set up as we’ve done the hard work for you. All you need to do is choose which mirrors are the ones for you...

Vanity Mirrors

Taking pride of place on your makeup laden desk, these mirrors will suit all your skin and beauty regime needs…

●     Tria Trifold Vanity Mirror

If attention to detail is key in your makeup routine, then this is the mirror for you. With two large 1x mirrors and a 5x & 10x magnification mirror, this really will fulfill all your getting ready needs.

See yourself from more than one angle and get up close and personal to more carefully apply eyeshadow, lashes and lipstick - what more could you want! You can even store your favorite cosmetics in the tray at the base of the stand.

The 34 daylight LEDs that frame the large middle mirror are fully dimmable so you can customize it your needs - even turning off automatically in case you forget.

●     Gala Lighted Vanity Mirror

This Gala mirror can be aligned horizontally or vertically and it’s 1x magnification mirror is ideal for everyday routines.

But there’s a secret…

A 10x zoom mirror can be pulled out from the top when you need that extra detail. The base of the Gala mirror even has ample storage for your go-to makeup products - making getting ready in the morning a breeze!

Supplementary Mirrors

Maybe you’ve already got an almost ideal mirror situation. If you’re lacking natural lighting and some magnification magic, these mirrors will perfectly complement your existing setup…

●    Mira LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Mira mirror is perfect for adding to your bathroom or bedroom mirrors - thanks to the swivel suction cup attachment. The 10x magnification gives you a clear focus in on those areas you want to give more attention to in routine.

It’s also ideal for traveling due to its light weight and small size. You never need to be caught out by poor hotel lighting again!

●    Maya Lighted Magnifying Mirror

With less magnification than the above Mira mirror, the Maya’s 7x zoom still offers great detail. Get up close and personal to aid in your grooming regime - the Maya won’t let you miss a single stray brow hair.

Its circular design features a ring light which is great for taking the most flattering selfies!

Compact Mirrors

A compact mirror is the must-have makeup lovers handbag tool. Ideal for keeping your makeup in check all day, so you never get caught out again…

●    Lumi Lighted Compact Mirror

The Lumi takes compact mirrors to another level. It features a 1x AND a 10x zoom mirror, with lighting- you’ll never settle for a classic compact again!

The sleek black design slides easily into your bag or pocket, so you can access the most flattering reflection whenever you need it - letting you conquer poor public transport lighting!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You’ll be the fairest of them all armed with your invaluable lighting knowledge. We love natural LEDs at Fancii as we know they make us look like our true best self and we want to share that empowerment with you!

Don’t forget to tag us in your mirror selfies over on Instagram - we want to see all our confident Fancii women living their best life!

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