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My Experience with the Fancii 2-in-1 Precision Trimmer

August 02, 2017

My Experience with the Fancii 2-in-1 Precision Trimmer

Let’s talk body hair... It can be a pain to keep up with, especially during the summer months. For me, I like to keep my brows, upper lips, legs, and bikini hair in tip-top shape. (Who’s with me?!)  

Before I get into my experience, let me start by briefly describing my hair removal story. First off, I hate waxing, because well... it hurts like a B! Not to mention, over time, it can get expensive. Then there’s hair removal creams, the smelly chemical-filled hair removal option. Not to say I haven’t had success with these creams, but the smell that comes along with them is far from pleasant and whatever ingredients are put into the creams to make them literally melt the hair off your skin doesn’t seem too healthy to me. My sensitive skin isn't a fan of this method either.

Then there’s eyebrow upkeep...The last time I visited the salon to spoil myself with some professional eyebrow assistance, they shaped them too thin and I was out $30. 

Last time I used tweezers, I ended up over-plucking... which definitely wasn’t a pretty sight. 

Then enters the Fancii 2-in-1 Personal Trimmer! I’ll briefly give you an overview and explain my experience with this handy device.

  • First look: I love how small and compact it is. I can fit it into my purse which has worked wonders for trimming up my brows while on the go. (Yes, I’m that person trimming my brow hairs in my car after noticing in bright sunlight how badly overgrown they are!)

  • It’s battery operated which means it doesn’t need to be charged

  • It’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower (Woop, woop! This is perfect for bikini hair because the steam from the shower makes hair removal in that sensitive area so much easier!)
  • It’s pain-free which for me is a major priority! I’ve tried out other electric hair trimmers and as mentioned above with my other hair removal rituals, they all hurt so bad. Hair removal doesn’t have to be painful, people! This little gadget helped me learn that! Each trimmer on this device is equipped with a safety cone, guiding hair into the blades without ever making contact to your skin!

  • This device can trim literally any type of body hair you have! I am victim to lip hair and this device trims it perfectly and easily. I can also trim my bikini hair when I am unexpectedly headed to the beach and realize I have some sneaky hair on my bikini line. The trimmer is also a life saver when it comes to eyebrows... simply glide the blade across your brows both below and above for a perfect arch. 

  • Did I mention this thing is so great for trimming and shaping eyebrows!? Check out my before and after photo below! (Disregard my messy makeup post-laying out and swimming ;) ) 




Overall, I highly recommend this trimmer! Check it out for yourself here and feel free to use my discount code, KASEY20 for 20% off!


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