In Search of the Perfect Makeup Companion? You Need a Travel Mirror!

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Does your busy lifestyle keep you hopping? Thats no reason for your makeup routine to suffer. Todays travel mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to go anywhere that you do. Slide one in your purse, keep one in your desk or briefcase, and dont forget to pack this portable grooming companion in your suitcase when you travel, so youll always look your best.

What makes a travel mirror different from a regular makeup mirror? Travel mirrors are built to be:

  • compact,
  • lightweight, and
  • are often hinged to fold up for maximum portability

    Some travel mirrors are even thoughtfully engineered in a way that allows them to pull “double duty”. With advanced, quick-release suction mount features, these mirrors can be securely attached to various surfaces, and detached again later with ease. This makes them the height of convenience, both at home and away.

    Big, Bright, and Beautiful

    One of the biggest benefits of the travel mirror is that you get the same great, distortion-free magnification that you do with more permanent makeup mirrors. While many handheld, slim-style versions unfold to reveal multiple mirror panels - ranging in magnification from 1-5X - other slightly larger models offer magnification capabilities as high as 10X!

    This powerful, crystal clear image amplification is perfect for performing a wide range of toiletry tasks on-the-go, including:

    • tweezing of stray hairs,
    • applying, touching up, and taking off makeup,
    • inserting and removing contact lenses, and
    • covering up unexpected blemishes

      But the advantages dont end there.

      Adding to the natural convenience and functionality of the travel mirror is the fact that some are complemented by highly effective, and long lasting led lighting.

      LED lighting is comparable to natural daylight, meaning youll always benefit from accurate, true-to-life illumination that allows you to produce a flawless complexion every time whether youre at the office, on vacation, or somewhere in between.

      Not only do LED lightbulbs offer superior brightening abilities, they’re also extremely energy efficient. In fact, research confirms that these bulbs are as much as 30% brighter, and 60% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. No matter the environment you find yourself in, a travel makeup mirror with built-in LED illumination is guaranteed to light up your appearance.

      Benefits Galore

      Here are some of the other fantastic travel mirror benefits youll wonder how you ever lived without:

      • battery-operated LED-lit mirrors are cordless, meaning you’ll never need to find an outlet to check your hair or makeup
      • many travel mirror models open up to sit conveniently on a table, your desktop, that airplane tray, or any other flat surface - leaving your hands free to tend to your appearance
      • travel mirrors are intended to be portable – whether they’re a handy, 3-inch wide purse compact, or a foldable, dual-purpose model occupying less than 6 square inches inside your luggage
      • no need to sacrifice style for accessibility: quality construction, chrome accents, and glossy black finishes mean today’s travel mirrors can take you from the boardroom to the beach, and back again

        And travel mirrors aren’t just for women - these invaluable grooming aids are the ideal travel accessory for men as well. Pair one with an electric razor, or a professional nose trimmer, to tidy up your beard before the big meeting, or keep that five o’clock shadow at bay.

        Whether you’re meeting with clients, running household errands, or lunching out with friends, a cordless, hands-free, LED-lit travel mirror is more than just the perfect makeup companion: it’s a versatile and essential beauty tool that’s virtually guaranteed to fit any pocket

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        Donna Roof
        Donna Roof

        February 28, 2019

        I am interested in one of the 10x round mirrors but I would like to know the size of these mirrors. They look small?


        July 20, 2017

        All ideas are very impressive thank you for your useful info
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