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Traveling with the Fancii 7-in-1 Spin Brush by Brooklyn Elizabeth

July 16, 2017

Traveling with the Fancii 7-in-1 Spin Brush by Brooklyn Elizabeth

Confession: I’ve been washing my body with my hands for the past 6 months. In my own defense, I’ve been traveling as a digital nomad for 8 of those months so some of my beauty habits have fallen by the wayside. For the first couple of months of traveling, my loofah tagged along with me until I noticed it never dried completely which resulted in a wet and moldy nightmare. My solution? I started purchasing a new loofah at each location I visited. This became annoying, time-consuming, costly, and didn’t really fix my problem.

Fast forward to the moment I was carelessly scrolling on Instagram (as we all do, right?) and stumbled across Fancii’s page. It was then when I found their 7-in-1 Spin Brush. I was skeptical at first because some competitors were 5 times the price and as a full-time traveler, I don’t have that sort of budget, but I also wondered what the Fancii spin brush would be like in terms of quality compared to the more expensive brands.

After reading some really positive reviews, I purchased the spin brush, and within 4 days received the product!

LET ME TELL YOU... After 2 months of use, this product has literally changed my life. (Believe me, I’m not exaggerating when I say this.)

What makes it so awesome?

It comes with a velvet traveling bag so that I can easily store it and transport it from place to place. It also dries quickly, so no worrying as to whether or not it is all the way dry.

It works A MILLION times better than a loofah ever could. It exfoliates deeply into my pores, cleans more effectively, and gives me the silkiest soft skin!

I use the exfoliating head on my face and after about 3 weeks of using it, I noticed a major difference in my skin – My acne scars are slowly disappearing and I get fewer acne breakouts.

With the attachable handle, you can cleanse your back and those hard to reach areas on your body. Who really cleanses every area of their back? With the attachable handle, you can!

I’ve been getting so many compliments on my skin! My friend who am I traveling with immediately noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin and I often receive compliments from strangers about how my skin is super glowy. It’s a great feeling!

TMI Alert – Anyone else suffer from ingrown hairs in the bikini region? Exfoliation is key for preventing them and after using the exfoliation brush head for about 1 week, my ingrown hairs have disappeared! Hallelujah because as I’m a total beach lover and therefore often in a bikini.

I read on the Fancii website that it cleanses 6x better than using hands alone... I’m not sure if it is 6x more or 10x better, but regardless this device is truly a lifesaver and I don’t know how I went so long without it.

As I write to you from a cafe in Split, Croatia, I give you my final thoughts. (Firstly, if you haven’t visited this slice of heaven on earth, add it to your bucket list pronto.) But more importantly, whether you’re a traveler or not, this product is for you. I genuinely could not speak higher of it and thank the Fancii team for creating an affordable tool that has lifted my self-esteem and provided me with so many incredible benefits.

Enough reading about my experience, check out the Fancii 7-in-1 Spin Brush Set for yourself! We'll even treat you to 20% off - Simply use TRAVELINGFANCII in the checkout! 



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