Father’s Day 2018: Perfect Gifts for Every Dad

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Have you checked your calendar lately? Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 17, in case you’re wondering) and it’s the perfect excuse to spoil the most wonderful dad in the world – yours!

For the outdoorsy father:

Ah, the call of nature! Does your dad spend his weekends outside, camping or fishing? Surprise him with a personalized swiss army knife from Etsy. It’s a true multi-function tool that includes a knife, scissors, a can opener, wine opener, screwdrivers and a file – pretty much everything your adventurous father would ever need. Plus, the hard wood handle is so classy!

For the stylish dad:

Your dad may be the most handsome man in the world, but even he needs a little bit of help here and there to keep looking his best.

Help him keep his moustache, beard or sideburns on point with our painless hair trimmer. Don’t let the description fool you – even dad needs help to keep those pesky stray hairs at bay. While you’re at it, sneak in our best selling nose hair trimmer. Dad can take this handy gadget right into the shower with him and get rid of those unsightly nose and ear hairs. The LCD screen displays battery levels and device lock information. Don’t forget to include a magnifying mirror to help dad see even this tiniest of hairs – this magnifying mirror is a stylish addition to any bathroom!

For the techie father:

Does your dad love playing with high-tech toys? Spoil him with this F181W Wifi FPV Drone from Holy Stone. No matter what anyone says, all men are just overgrown little boys. There isn’t a little boy in the world who can turn down the opportunity to play with a cool flying toy!

For the mechanic dad:

Does your dad love tinkering with vehicles? Is he the first person you call when your car makes a weird noise? When it comes to diagnosing problems in cars, most garages charge a premium. With this handy code reader from Craftsman, your dad can be an even bigger hero than he normally is!

For the brand new daddy:

Father's Day Gifts for the New Dad

First off, congratulations! Being a new parent is probably the most exciting, terrifying experience of your life, but we know you’ve got it. Surprise the best new daddy in the world with a gift he’ll thank you for every single day – a DIY Diaper Duty Toolbox. The labeled onesie is sure to be a hit – if you’ve ever tried to dress a wiggly baby, you’ll know it’s not always easy to guess which limb goes in what hole. Take the guesswork out of the task for the new dad; he’ll love you for it!

We’d love to know about the best father figure in your life, whether its your dad, your husband or even a special guy who does his best to treat you as well as possible. Drop us a line in the comments below to share your stories or memories to honor the most important man in your life!

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