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Electric Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers: The Healthy Alternative

February 06, 2017

Electric Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers: The Healthy Alternative

Have you come to dread finding those long, coarse hairs sprouting stubbornly from your nose, ears, and other facial areas? You’re not alone. Accelerated ear and nose hair growth is a common annoyance as we get older, especially among men. 

If you’re facing this predicament for the first time - and are struggling to keep unwanted facial hair at bay – you might be asking yourself why the hair inside your nose and ears has begun to grow so abundantly where it’s obviously not wanted.

While there’s no definitive answer to this question, many doctors and dermatology experts share a common theory: it’s all about the hormones.

Hair and Your Hormones

Hair follicles form a protective sleeve around the roots of individual hair strands, and these natural casings are highly susceptible to certain types of hormones. This is especially true of the thicker, darker hair that grows under your arms, fills out your beard, and crams itself inside your ear canals and nostrils.

Two things begin to happen as we age:

  • a form of the hormone testosterone begins to run rampant, and

  • our hair follicles become more responsive to this hormone

The result? Those long, thick hairs inside your nose and ears become even longer and thicker.

While women generally have lower testosterone levels than men – making this frustrating dilemma less evident in females - there are still many women who must deal with the appearance of unwelcome hair as their hormones fluctuate with age.

So, the next question is: how can we keep unwanted facial hair under control?

Hair and Your Health

Before pursuing any type of facial hair maintenance, you should be aware that, despite its unsightly appearance, the hair growing inside your ears and nose is there for a very good reason. By helping to transmit sound to the brain for example, ear hair plays a critical role in our ability to hear. It also protects our ears from loud noises and the entry of foreign objects.

Nose hair is equally important when it comes to keeping us healthy, and there are two specialized types of hair growing inside your nostrils:

  • the microscopic cilia that help to filter germs and other impurities from the air that you breathe, and 

  • the coarser - and often disturbingly visible – vibrissae

It’s these thicker, outer hairs that have the crucial job of preventing potentially harmful particles from reaching the hard-working cilia. And that’s why, bristly appearance aside, vibrissae are vital for helping to keep our bodies bacteria and disease-free.

Hair and the Healthy Alternative

Although it can be tempting, you should absolutely avoid plucking your ear and nose hairs with tweezers, or any other skincare tool. Not only is plucking an extremely painful process, it can lead to far bigger problems than just unappealing hair tufts.

When you pull individual hairs from the sensitive areas inside your nose and ears, you dismantle an essential germ barrier and risk tearing the skin. Broken skin allows bacteria and other debris to enter your body and, once inside, these invasive particles can lead to infection – both at the source of entry where you’ve plucked, and anywhere else in the body that the blood vessels carry them.

The healthy alternative for removing unwanted facial hair is a professional nose and ear hair trimmer. These highly effective grooming tools are precision-engineered to trim the hair inside your ears and nose quickly and efficiently, while the clean-cutting blades remain at a safe working distance from your skin.

Not only do they provide a smooth, manicured finish for maintaining everything from the tidiest goatee to the bushiest eyebrows, many quality electric trimmers:

  • feature a built-in light for more targeted trimming,

  • are cordless for convenience and portability, and

  • are water-resistant for faster clean-up

A precision nose and ear hair trimmer is the wholesome and pain-free way to keep your grooming tasks under control – there’s no pulling, tugging, or tearing involved. And when you pair your electric trimmer with a magnifying makeup mirror, you’ll find it only takes a minute to detail your moustache, remove the occasional stray hair, and keep your appearance fresh and immaculate at all times.

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