Age Defying Skin Care Tips

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Keeping our skin looking vibrant and young can feel like an ongoing battle one thats littered with unexpected breakouts, uneven skin tone, and an aging complexion thats lifeless and dry. But the secret to great looking skin is really no secret at all: it stems from a few basic age-defying skin care tips, that can be used by anyone at any age to achieve a smoother, healthier, more glowing complexion.

Our epidermal layer - aka: our skin - is the bodys largest organ, and it works hard to keep us healthy in multiple ways:

  • it regulates our body temperature,
  • allows us to pass crucial information to our brains about everything we touch, and
  • serves as a barrier to protect us from harmful germs and bacteria

Considering our skins wide range of duties, we shouldnt really be surprised when the face we see in the mirror each morning begins to look tired and worn. But there are ways to defy the natural aging process, and they begin with a healthy approach to caring for your skin - both inside and out.

Inside Out

Making a concentrated effort to maintain emotional balance in your life can pay huge dividends when it comes to younger looking skin. While many of us are already familiar with the concept of anxiety-induced acne, did you know that stress is also one of the biggest contributors to a dull, haggard complexion?

Staying balanced in todays busy environment is often easier said than done. But a few simple changes can help to tip the equilibrium scale in your favor:

  1. Take more time for the activities and people you really enjoy
  2. Cut back on optional commitments wherever possible
  3. Make a point of getting outside and connecting with nature more often

Stress hormones like cortisol can be hard on the skin, but regular sleep helps to fight the effects of cortisol, and is one of your best lines of defense against stress. Make getting a good nights sleep as often as possible a priority, and youll soon be reaping the rewards of a more vibrant complexion.

Here are a few more tips for promoting beautiful skin from the inside out:

  • engage in physical activity on a regular basis (to increase the flow of oxygen to your skin cells)
  • choose natural foods over artificial or processed ingredients more often (to reduce complexion contaminants from the inside)
  • keep your body hydrated (to help flush toxins and give your skin the moisture it needs to stay healthy)

Outside In

A flawless complexion means skin thats free of impurities, so its important to make thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing a regular part of your skin care routine. The deep cleaning action provided by a professional quality facial brush is ideal for keeping skin clean, firm, and polished. This essential beauty tool helps to:

  • remove dead skin cells,
  • keep pores clear, and
  • improve the absorption of your favorite moisturizer

Facial skin is delicate. When cleaning your face, be sure to use small, circular motions that move your brush quickly and gently across the skins surface. Ideally, you should wash twice a day with a pH-balanced cleanser, then seal your pores by splashing your face with cold water.

Its also recommended that you change out hot water cleansings for warm ones - to avoid stripping the natural oils from your skin - and that you finish off your cleansing routine by patting your skin dry, to remove excess moisture, rather than wiping or rubbing it.

Sleep on It

We often overlook the rejuvenating properties of sleep as the perfect opportunity to encourage a more youthful complexion. Specialized skin care products like:

  • wrinkle remedies,
  • skin serums, and
  • deep-moisturizing treatments

work best overnight, and are ideal for helping to undo the damage caused by daytime stress and pollutants.

Another great way to hydrate your skin from the outside in, is to treat it with a personal humidifier. This portable, easy-to-use moisturizing device produces a soothing mist that replaces the precious water often missing from dry-air environments. You won’t find a better age-defying skin care tip than one that works hard to keep you looking young, while you relax in sleep.

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