April 23, 2019 2 min read

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’m feeling extra blessed to be living my dream as both a mom and business owner.

For those of you who may not know, I took a leap of faith and left my 9-5 job with a mission to create Fancii & Co. so women like myself could have access to beauty tools that don’t break the bank, don’t over-promise and under-deliver; beauty tools that make your routine easier, more effective, and even a bit more glamorous.

Aurelija & I created Fancii based upon the values of self-love, self-care, and self-confidence. These values represent not just Fancii, but the same values I aim to pass down to my daughter, Vayda-Rose.

Vayda is one-year-old and as she grows to become a little girl and young woman, I vow to be a living example of kindness, confidence, and fearlessness.

I vow to teach her that beauty is a state of mind, not a state of body.

I vow to practice self-love everyday so Vayda understands the importance of loving herself for who she is, no matter her flaws, for her flaws are her perfections and what make her beautiful.

I vow to look at my reflection in the mirror each day and say to myself, "I am strong, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am talented, I am perfectly me," and teach Vayda to do the same.

At Fancii, I vow to aspire the same values and beliefs to our customers. 

Being a mom often means we don’t always have time for ourselves. We let life get in the way – whether it be our careers, our children, balancing our social life, balancing it all. It’s time we put the “me” back in “me-time.”

Ask yourself, when was the last time you really took time to do something you love – to sit down and enjoy a good book, to practice meditation, whatever it may be that takes you to your happy place? For me – that is playing with makeup using my Fancii vanity mirror and spending quality time on my self care routine – masking, exfoliating my skin with the Cora 7, and just giving my body the TLC it deserves.

Mother’s Day gives us an excuse to show ourselves some extra love, but as mothers we should be doing this all year round! So, to all women, moms-to-be and those who selflessly take on a mother’s role, the same holds true. Keep doing you, keep being you, and remember you deserve self-love all year round.

We believe every woman should feel beautiful and confident no matter what is going on in their lives which is why with every purchase made, we’re donating 15% to the 
Foundation for Living Beauty to help women coping with the effects of cancer and chemotherapy. (Plus, we’re giving you 15% off - It's a win/win!)


SAVE 15% and GIVE 15% 

Foundation for Living Beauty


Terms and Conditions - Offer valid from 20 April, 2019 - 12 May at 11:50pm MST. Offer valid onwww.fancii.com. Discount cannot be used with other discounts or promo codes.


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