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7 Ways You Should Fall-ify your Beauty Routine

September 24, 2017 1 Comment

7 Ways You Should Fall-ify your Beauty Routine

It’s officially fall yall’, which means it’s time to ensure your beauty care is in season! The fall season brings a change in wardrobe (Woohoo to leather jackets, scarfs, boots, and layering!) However, it also brings changes to your beauty and skincare regimen. Summer skincare is all about protection from the harsh rays of the sun and managing oil control, while fall, on the other hand, brings its own beauty challenges including most importantly - keeping the epidermis of your skin protected from the cooler air and harsher months ahead. Here are 7 tips to ensure your beauty routine is up to fall standards.

Switch to a cream moisturizer

Autumn weather calls for drier and colder air which means you may want to consider switching to a creamier and thicker moisturizer which is able to provide a better boost in moisture. You may also find yourself needing to apply your moisturizer more often – We recommend at least twice daily to keep dry skin at bay.

Protect and prevent chapped lips

Let's be frank - Chapped and cracked lips suck! To keep your lips supple and moist, be sure to keep them extra hydrated! Try using coconut oil, olive oil, or shea butter which absorb well. If you're busy and always on the go, we recommend keeping a lip treatment in your bag. These Vaseline lip balms are our fave! Check them out here.

As always, exfoliation is key!

The summer sun, salt water, and chlorine may have left your skin feeling a bit dry and flaky. Start the season off right with a full-body exfoliation session! Although you should be exfoliating all year round, exfoliation becomes even more important during the fall and winter months. We hate to be biased, but we recommend our 7-in-1 Spin Brush for all your exfoliation needs! It’s important to exfoliate your face, and with 6 different attachments, don’t forget to exfoliate your entire body too! Better yet, use BLOG50 for 50% off our entire range of spin brushes. Your skin with thank you for it :)

Keep your hair healthy

During the summertime, we often don’t think twice when heading out the door with damp hair. In the winter, going out with a wet head isn't really an option so we tend to use the blow dryer much more often. Summer also means our curls don’t stay in place, so who has time to bother with using a hot iron? With the colder temperatures in autumn, there’s no need to worry about humidity, so curling hair with heat is no longer a problem! Do you see a common denominator in these two activities? Heat damage! Prevent heat damage this fall and winter by hydrating your hair! Try a DIY hair mask like this one to keep your locks moisturized. And remember, always use a heat protectant!

Swap out your foundation shades or try self-tanner

Gone are the days of the sun-kissed glow. During the fall and winter months, you probably won’t be spending as much time outside. Although applying an SPF during these months is still important, don’t expect to achieve the same glowing skin you achieved during the summer time. Our recommendation? Try out a self-tanner to keep you glowing (safely) all winter long! Self-tanners not your thing? Just be sure to swap out to a lighter shade of foundation so you don’t risk looking mismatched!

Invest in a humidifier

Fall can often be taxing on our skin due to the drop in humidity. The dry air literally sucks the moisture from our skin and can cause dehydration and uncomfortable skin. To protect your skin from this, a humidifier will help to infuse moisture into the environment and give your skin a relief from the dry climate and therefore increase hydration. We recommend our personal travel humidifier. It's USB operated and all you need is a water bottle for it to operate. Did I also mention you can take it with you anywhere? Check it out for yourself and use HUMIDIFY30 for 30% off!

Update your go-to makeup look

The fall season is the perfect time of year to experiment with deeper shades of lip and eye color. For the lips, our favorites include warm chestnut and classic candy apple. For a full list of perfect lipstick colors for fall 2017, check out this list. Fall makes for the perfect time of year to go a bit darker with your eyeshadow and play with different colors. We found some inspiration for you here


We hope our list of tips will help you create the best beauty routine for fall! Did we miss anything? Be sure to leave us your tips in the comment section!

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September 25, 2017

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