7 Daily Habits to Improve Your Skin

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Our skin is our largest organ and one in which we wear externally for the rest of our lives. It’s no wonder we all desire a glowing, healthy complexion. The reality is that we don’t have to spend money on expensive spa treatments or search endlessly for the latest “miracle” cream. The secret to achieving clear and beautiful skin lies within our ability to take consistent care of it. Check out these 8 daily habits for achieving that flawless glow you've been dreaming of. We can guarantee you (and your skin) will be thanking us for it.

Habit 1: Feed it from within

Here’s an unfortunate message to our fellow sweet-tooth peeps out there: Stay away from junk food and foods with excessive sugar! News alert: That excessive candy obsession of yours does far more than just annoy your dentist and give you lots of cavities. Sugar increases inflammation and inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin which creates sagging skin and wrinkles. (Need we say more here?)

The best way to achieve a glowing complexion is to keep your diet rich in antioxidant fruits and veggies. Load up on foods that contain Vitamin C such as oranges, broccoli, kale, and grapefruit. Vitamin C helps form collagen, heals wounds, and fights free radicals. Omegas also work wonders for your skin! Try adding some walnuts to your next salad or eating trail mix on the go.

Habit 2: Sleep!

They don’t call it ‘Beauty Sleep” for nothin'. Eight hours of sleep is not only vital for proper body and mind function, but it provides much-needed nourishment to your skin. If you’ve ever woken up in the morning, waddled your way to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and wished your skin looked brighter and more radiant, your lack of sufficient sleep is likely the problem. Go ahead Sleeping Beauty, break out your comfiest sweatpants and catch up on those z’s.

Habit 3: Protect it from the Sun

Who doesn’t love basking in the sunshine in an effort to achieve that sun-kissed glow just in time for summer? However, bear in mind that excessive sun worshiping or failing to protect yourself from the harsh impact of too much Mr. Sun can have adverse effects. UV protection is one of the most important elements for healthy skin. The sun damages our skin by degrading its natural collagen and elastin and overall affects our body’s ability to generate healthy, new cells. Use a daily moisturizer with at least an SPF 15 and if you plan to be outside longer, do yourself (and your skin) a favor by reaching out for an SPF 30 or higher.

Habit 4: Remove Your Makeup Every Night

We’re all guilty of those nights when we feel too tired to walk to the bathroom to wash off our makeup before bedtime. This alarming stat may give you the motivation to get out of bed next time you are feeling too tired. Experts say you age your skin by 8 years simply by failing to remove your makeup each night. (Shocking, right?) But it makes sense because sleeping with makeup clogs your pores, which in turn leads to a breakdown of the skin barrier which prematurely ages your face. Create yourself a bedtime routine to put an end to those forgetful and too-tired-to-get-up nights. Remove trapped dirt and makeup on the daily - your skin will thank you for it!

Habit 5:  Drink up!

Drink 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated. (Sounds like old news...*YAWN*) How many times have we heard the never-ending list of benefits of drinking 8 glasses each day? If you’re someone who struggles to drink the daily recommended dosage, knowing that it promotes radiant skin will hopefully give you some motivation to make improvements! Do you find the taste of water bland? Try enhancing it with lemon, which will provide even more benefits to your skin! 

Habit 6: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is one of (if not THE) most important steps in a healthy skin care regimen. Most dermatologists recommend exfoliating between 2 to 4 times per week. Exfoliation plays a vital role in releasing the dead cells from the surface of our skin and allows for new skin cells to develop. The build-up of dead skin cells can leave your skin looking dull, rough, and dry and also result in excess oil, clogged pores, and acne.

Exfoliation also allows the amazing nutrients in our skin care products to actually penetrate the surface of our skin. By skimping out on exfoliation, our favorite skin masks and serums are unable to penetrate the skin and work their magic.

With this bad boy, you can experience exfoliation 500% better than cleansing with your hands alone and you can customize your exfoliation regimen based on your specific skin care needs. 

Habit 7: Moisturize

Moisturizer is your skin’s hydration. It’s the drink your skin reaches for when you reach for a glass of water. By moisturizing your skin, you are helping to replace some of the oils it makes naturally. Moisturizer also acts as a barrier of protection from damaging environments, especially during the colder months. It helps to slow down the evaporation of your skin’s own moisture and is the best defense against dry skin.

What other daily habits would you add to our list? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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