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6 Reasons Why You Need a Portable Magnifying Mirror

June 25, 2018

6 Reasons Why You Need a Portable Magnifying Mirror

You know the story…

Every day we run on autopilot. Wake up, breakfast, get ready, before propelling ourselves out of the door. But with routine and comfort comes oversight.

We’ve all been there…

Getting ready day in and day out - what a breeze. Until you realise your mascara is all over your eyelid and you’ve got an unwelcome spot emerging from the end of your nose - looking like you got ready in the dark.

There’s a better solution…

No one’s saying perfection is the aim - confidence is! If you’re finding yourself in a ‘getting ready rut’ it might be time to introduce a game changer into the mix - a portable magnifying mirror.

The Power of Magnification

Magnification mirrors are a must for any beauty aficionado. Their zoom power means you’ll never gloss over makeup mishaps and skin blemishes again.

Attention to detail is key…

If you don’t believe us, you will once you check out these top 6 reasons why you need a 10x portable magnifying mirror in your life….

1.  Complete Insight

It’s a no brainer that the greater the magnification, the more you’ll be able to get up close and personal to your skin.

Never will an eyebrow hair be out of place again - not on your watch anyway. 10x zoom doesn’t miss a thing, meaning your eyebrows will always be on fleek.

Admit it...

Who doesn’t love popping a pimple (or 10)! For all you serial spot squeezers out there, you’ll love being able to get a close up of each and every one of your pores. In fact, this magnification level means you can always keep on top of your skin - stopping any blemishes in their tracks.

2.   Portable

The clue’s in the name…

Never underestimate the ability to carry your mirror with you wherever you go. We all have those days where we need to tame our brows, but we can’t seem to budge off the couch. With a portable mirror you don’t need to choose!

Why settle for less...

Our days are never the same - you never know what might crop up. So why settle forjusta fixed mirror? Your life doesn’t revolve around your vanity unit (even if sometimes you wish it would). Grab yourself a portable magnification mirror and keep yourself well groomed no matter where the day takes you.

3.  Perfect Lighting

Imagine this…

You’re admiring you’re new and improved brows and freshly clear complexion. Now would be an ideal time to get the perfect selfie. If only you had the fancy equipment those Insta models have…

Well you do!

Buy wisely and get a portable mirror with a ring light built in. At Fancii we love dimmable natural daylight LEDs. They’re more flattering, eco-friendly and brighter than your standard bulb - or many other LEDs on the market for that matter!

In fact, we love them so much we infused their technology into each and every one of our mirrors so you can feel your best self when you’re getting ready. Check out our recent blog post here all about our LEDs to find out more about this top of the range lighting.

You’ll never need to agonisingly find the perfect spot to take your photo again. Ring lights cast you in a complimentary light so you look radiant and selfie-ready!

What’s more… 

Whether it’s 6AM in the winter, or maybe your bulb’s just blown, you’ll have lighting to use in any situation - and it won’t look artificial!

4.  Hands Free

A truly portable mirror wouldn’t be complete without a suction attachment. Fix it to your bathroom tiles, your larger vanity mirror or any glass, acrylic or porcelain surface - the world is your oyster!

Check this out...

The perfect suction attachment lets you to swivel the mirror through a full 360o- allowing you to adapt the angle of the mirror easily to suit your needs. Plus, you can leave the suction attached for later and pop the mirror off its clever ball socket.

Don’t deny it…

This sounds ideal! Plus you now have the use of two hands whilst getting a close-up view. It’s the perfect solution for finally mastering that winged liner look!

5.  Travel Friendly

Do your suitcase a favor…

We all know the difficulties of fitting a weekend's worth of clothes into our overnight bag, or trying to stick to airline weight limits - the struggle is real. Fortunately, portable magnification mirrors are built to be compact. Their small size is designed to slide easily into your handbag, suitcase or vanity case.

Not to mention…

They’re battery operated! No more manic searching for a power outlet only to find you forgot your adapter plug - batteries are easy to replace and get ahold of.

Leave no trace behind with the suction cup. This travel friendly attachment won’t tarnish surfaces - it really is a foolproof travel product!

6.  Master Make-up

It’s finally time to dust off those eyeshadow palettes you’ve been shying away from. Your new magnification mirror gives you an unparalleled close-up of your lids - meaning you can ACTUALLY see what you’re doing. 

Time to stop making excuses…

If you love make-up, your portable 10x zoom mirror is the tool you need to help you start building your confidence. Practice does make perfect after all. Plus, you have two steady hands to work with when you suction it to your surface of choice!

Why stop there! Try contouring, highlighting and maybe dare to dabble with a bright lipstick. There’s no better time than the present to take your makeup game to the next level. 

Time to Reflect

What are you waiting for?...

You know you NEED a 10x portable magnifying mirror now! There’s simply no doubt about it. No longer be robotic in your daily routine. Add some flair and discover new possibilities - find your inner sassiness! 

Feel confidently empowered...

If you’re looking for a recommendation, try our ‘Luna Lighted Magnifying Mirror 10x’ - featuring all of the benefits talked about above! 

We’d love for you to experience the power of magnification. It’s time to stop shying away from ourselves and time to get up close and personal and start loving the skin we’re in!

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