6 Instances When You Need the Fancii Compact Mirror

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Hi everyone, I'm Ashley! I'm a second-time customer at Fancii - I own the Fancii 7-in-1 spin brush so figured why not try out their compact mirror! A little bit about the mirror – It’s double sided, so there’s 1x magnification on one mirror and 10x magnification on the other. There’s also an LED light which is uh-may-zing! I honestly don’t know how I lived without this mirror and am here to give you 6 instances in which you’ll agree with me when I say, “You need the Fancii compact mirror in your life!”

    1. Checking out yourself randomly and sporadically throughout the day (Are you vain? Nope, just appreciating your beauty)
    2. Is it a stray eyelash? A fuzzy? What the heck is in my eyeball? Let the 10x magnified mirror provide you the answers...
    3. Dimly lit restaurant + waiting patiently for super hot blind date to arrive back from restroom = Quick check in the mirror to make sure you look flawless! (You do minus the lettuce leaf stuck in between your front teeth;))
    4. Weekend getaway with friends and your friends are hogging the (tiny) bathroom mirror. You’re sitting on the bed with your compact mirror applying your makeup with no problem. Sorry not sorry, guys.
    5. Lack of good natural light, also no problem. (The Fancii compact mirror mimics natural sunlight allowing for the best makeup application possible. I swear my makeup game has skyrocketed with this thing.)
    6. Standing in bathroom looking into bathroom mirror.
      Me: “Oh no, is that seriously a blackhead?”
      *Grabs 10x magnified mirror from medicine cabinet to confirm.
      Also me: “Yep, now let me grab my Fancii spin brush and demolish this little monster.”

On a bus, in a train, an airport, a coffee shop, the beach.. you can’t always have a mirror close by which means you can’t always have the reassurance that your lipstick is even or that you’re blemish- free... WRONG. Rest assured you’re looking flawless with this compact mirror (no matter where your location). Put it in your purse, your gym bag, your car, take it with you wherever you go! I’m so obsessed with it that Fancii has given me a discount code to provide to you. Use ASHLEY30 for 30% off on the mirror. You’re welcome :)

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