5 Ways to Improve Your Mo' this Movember

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It’s that time of the year again guys - A perfect, wholehearted reason to grow a typically self-depreciating mustache for a great cause: MOVEMBER!!! We’re already halfway through November, which is why you're likely spotting more men sporting a mo’.

Now let’s start off by recognizing this great movement directed towards creating awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide, and overall men’s health. Men are a stubborn breed, especially when it comes to health in the nether regions. Men die at a staggering rate of six years earlier on average than women. Men have taken up arms throughout America and the rest of the world to grow a mustache throughout the month of November in an effort to raise funds and awareness of the importance that is men’s health.

There are dos and don'ts when growing a stache and Movember is the perfect opportunity for men to not only support a great cause but also test the stache waters and see if they can pull one off successfully. Grooming is insanely important when it comes to facial hair, so check out these tips for not only a solid stache but awesome facial hair in general.

1. Wash regularly

Avoid cheap shampoos and conditioners, the chemicals in these actually deter your facial hair growth and can leave it dry, causing split ends and damage. Check out our personal favorite from Tasmania Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo with natural oils.

2. Beard Oil

Beard oil is crucial for healthy facial hair because it conditions and hydrates not only the hairs but the skin underneath. Another upside is that most come in super manly scents and make your facial hair soft to the touch and less irritating. Honest Amishmakes a beard oil that works fantastic, is made with all-natural ingredients, and smells great!

3. Trimming!

Keep your facial hair neat and tidy by trimming it regularly. We recommend buying a compact travel trimmer like this Fancii Co one for trimming maintenance and stray hairs.

4. Nose Hairs

We shouldn’t have to mention this one, but seriously, trim your nose hairs whether or not you're growing a mustache/beard! Nose hair becomes even more unpleasant when a mustache is present, so invest in a good nose/ear hair trimmer.

5. Comb

Look into ditching your plastic comb, it can cause snags and irritation. Wood is the new go-to (and let's be honest, it looks cooler too). Combing your facial hair helps promote hair growth in the downward direction, thus, more lustrous locks! Hunter Jack makes one that ticks all the boxes and even comes with a cool carrying sleeve!

Don’t forget to check out the official Movember page to learn more about the cause and to see how you can contribute!

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