7 Things Guaranteed To Get You Gorgeous Skin

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Trying to achieve that glowing, healthy skin can sometimes feel like mission impossible. Is it hormones, diet, products, arrgh, who knows? We’ve rounded up seven solid ways to up your skincare game so you don’t have to guess anymore!


1 - Lay Off The Bad Sugar Habits

Sugar is a huge contributor to puffiness and breakouts. We know, we’re sorry to break it to you. Digested sugars have also been proven to speed up signs of aging thanks to something called Glycation.

2 - Wash Your Face Before Snoozing!

Never, we repeat NEVER, hit the sack before washing your face, no matter how exhausted you are. Tip - start your skincare earlier in the evening roundabout the same time you’d ditch your bra!

- Beauty Supplements

We like fish oil (anti-inflammatory and strengthening for skin and hair), Collagen (fends off early signs of aging and helps get that dewy glow), and probiotics (helps with acne, and rosacea).

4 - Copper pillowcases, say whaaa?

Yes, research has found that copper-infused pillowcases can reduce wrinkles within weeks! They help the skin’s natural renewal process and their antimicrobial properties help fight acne.

5 - Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliating unclogs pores, clears dead skin, minimizes breakouts, stimulates collagen production, and so much more. It also helps your skincare products absorb x10 better!

6 - Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

To get noticeable results, stick to your skincare routine *religiously*. Think of it the same way as brushing your teeth (if you brush your teeth twice a day…)

7 - Drink plenty of water AM to PM

Water is essential for flushing out nasty toxins in our bodies that can affect our skin. Get creative with your recommended 8 glasses a day. Mint, cucumber, or lemon make for the best thirst-quenching flavors in our experience.

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Sophia / April 15, 2021

I just bought a Cora 3 before Christmas because I get dry skin in the winter. I love it, I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make.

Amy Pressel
Amy Pressel / January 08, 2021

I learned A LOT from this article!

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