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5 Fall Hairstyles You Should Try this Season

October 01, 2018 1 Comment

5 Fall Hairstyles You Should Try this Season

 Knitwear at the ready - Fall is finally here.

Arguably the BEST season, it’s time to cue cozy nights in, the return of our favorite TV series and wait for it… yes, the pumpkin spice latte!

As much as we love all the feels that Fall gives us, it’s no secret that the change in weather can bring about some problems in the hair styling department.

Trying to manage wind induced frizz and avoiding hat hair can prove tricky. However, we’ve got your back gurrlll.

Here are our 5 favorite hairstyles that are completely Fall-proof so you can look super-cute all season...

Fall Hairstyle 1: Mermaid Braids

French braids have been big this festival season, so it’s time to switch up your braid game. We love these super cute mermaid plaits that pair perfectly with a knitted hat.

How To: Part your hair down the middle and take one half. Split this half into two and start moving small strands of hair from one side to the other. Once you reach the end tie up and pull at strands of hair in places to give a voluminous, ‘messy’ style before repeating on the other side.

Fall Hairstyle 2: Tousled Ponytail

A ponytail is universal. It’s great for those days when we’re in a rush, it works well in the gym and it looks so damn adorable.

This tousled look has some serious fall vibes when paired with a checked scarf…

How To: Slightly backcomb the hair on the top of your head and then loosely curl the bottom half. Grab all your hair into a pony at the back of your head a few inches above the nape of your neck. Tie securely and then gently tease pieces of hair out of the pony for an extra bouncy look.

Fall Hairstyle 3: A Fall Half Do

If you can’t decide between an updo or a downdo then do both. The gentle waves and cute messy bun are super easy to style and keep your hair off your face for those blowier days.

How To: Use your straightener to loosely curl your hair and tease out with your fingers to create gentle waves. We love the Satin Salon Pro! Super affordable and keeps your hair in check all season long. Not to mention, it's also infused with tourmaline crystals which means less damage or more shine! To create this look, grab a piece of hair an inch or two wide from the front of each side of your head. Bring these to the back and tie them together to create a mini ponytail. Grab this ponytail and twist it around itself until it coils around into a bun before fastening with a hair tie and bobby pins.

Fall Hairstyle 4: Upright Bun

A statement hairstyle that’s easy to do and is perfect for the fall weather?... sign us up!

That’s exactly what this upright bun style offers! A great choice for even the most unruly of hair.

fall hairstyle updo

How To: Tip your head upside down and gather all your hair at the top of your head. Secure with a hair tie before twisting the hair round to create a bun. Alternatively use a bun maker and bobby pins to create a more ballerina-esque style.

Fall Hairstyle 5: A Low-Bow Ponytail

We love the effortlessly chic look of a low sitting ponytail. Add a ribbon in this Fall for an extra touch with little extra effort.

fall hairstyle ponytail

How To: Gather your hair to the nape of your neck, letting a few loose tendrils come free on each side. Loosely, but securely, fasten with a hair tie before tying a length of ribbon around your ponytail like you would tie a shoelace.

These 5 styles are a surefire way to ensure you look good from head to toe this Fall. Turn up to Starbucks in style and embrace all that this cozy season has to offer…

1 Response

Hannah Cortez
Hannah Cortez

October 10, 2018

I love these hairstyles!
Can’t wait to try em out

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