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10 Makeup Tips Every 20-Something Girl Should Know

August 30, 2018

10 Makeup Tips Every 20-Something Girl Should Know

C’mon, admit it…

How many of you are still using those same makeup techniques you haphazardly adopted in your teens?

Yep, we see those hands up!

Whilst we’re not doubting that you’re beautiful, it’s time to hit the refresh button when it comes to getting glam - day or night!

Long gone are those innocent teenage years, welcome to adulthood! These 10 makeup tips will have you looking flawless and feeling makeup confident in no time…

1. Prep Your Base

Keeping your skin in check is the first port of call when it comes to flawless makeup application - smoothing the skin and preventing breakouts!

We love the Cora 3 Complete Facial Cleansing Brush to keep us squeaky clean.

2. Know Your Skin

It can be tempting to 100% buy into what all the online beauty gurus recommend, but take it all with a pinch of salt - we all have different needs.

Get to know your skin type and tone to figure out which products are designed to flatter you.

3. Get the Right Tools

The right tools can transform your makeup. Poor quality brushes will soak up the product and leave a streaky finish.

Instead opt for a set of quality makeup brushes that are designed to paint your face to perfection. We love the Aria 12 piece set - plus it’s completely vegan!

4. Illuminate

Poor lighting often means we either skimp or go to heavy with the coverage.

Instead invest in a professional makeup mirror complete with LED lighting. The Aura Vanity Mirror has 3 different light settings to get you ready for any occasion.

5. Color Correct

If you’ve got some redness, apply a green colour corrector. Dark under eyes? Try an orange toned product. Opposite colors cancel each other out, to neutralize discolorations ready for a flawless base application.

6. Contour & Highlight

Favoured by many A-list celebs, this technique brings structure back into your face.

Contour creates shadows, such as in your cheekbones, whilst highlight brings areas forward, like your under eyes. Try different techniques to find your perfectly chiseled look.

7. Shape Your Brows

Line a pencil up from the corner of one side of your nose and the inner corner of your eye - this is where your brows should ideally start. Now angle the pencil to the outer corner of your eye and this is where your brows should end.

To find where your arch should ideally go, angle the pencil to line up with the middle of your eye (make sure you’re looking forward) - voila a foolproof hack!

8. Master the Wing

A magnification mirror is your new bestie when it comes to nailing that winged liner look. The Maya Lighted Magnification Mirror has LED lights and a 7x zoom, so you can get up close and personal with your eye lid. Plus its suction base makes it super portable!

Place a small piece of sticky tape slanted from the outer corner of your eye up to the tail end of your eyebrow. Then follow this as a guide when applying your liner for the most perfectly angled wing! Thank us later…

9. Intensify Colours

Use a setting spray (or a little water) on a makeup brush to intensify the pigment of your eyeshadows, bronzers, blushers and more...

10. Be Shimmer Savvy

Shimmery products look STUNNING. However, understanding how to use them is key to avoiding a glittery mess.

Avoid using shimmer eyeshadows in your crease to stop the glittery particles from taking over your lid. Use shimmery bronzers and blushers sparingly to avoid looking too shiny.

Slay the Day…

Even though these tips are simple they can truly transform your makeup. By choosing the right products to flatter your face shape you can truly create a red-carpet worthy look right from your own home!

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